Pelosi's Husband Refusing to Pay Millions to Football Coaches

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | August 13, 2014 | 1:31 PM EDT

Nancy Pelosi’s husband owes a former NFL football coach nearly a million dollars.  But Paul Pelosi is refusing to pay Dennis Green the money he owes despite being ordered to by a California arbitrator.

The trouble started in 2009 when Pelosi and promised former Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings coach Dennis Green $1.5 million to coach his team, the Sacramento Mountain Lions.  The Mountain Lions were one of the teams in the United Football League, which was also founded by Pelosi.  The UFL was an alternative football league created in 2009 to compete with the NFL.   Pelosi bought the team in 2009 for an estimated $12 Million.

Paul Pelosi and his wife are multi-millionaires but, apparently. bad investments run in the family.  Nancy has Obamacare. Paul had the UFL.

The UFL was defunct by 2012. 

According to Green, even when the league was functioning, Pelosi never paid him the money that he had been promised in his contract.

Green isn't the only coach who got stiffed by Pelosi either.  Marty Schottenheimer, who was hired by Pelosi to coach the UFL’s Virginia Destroyers, has also claimed that Pelosi failed to pay him $1.3 million that he was promised.

Prior to the UFL’s collapse, Pelosi made a public promise to pay the coaches and players what they were owed, telling CBS Sports, “Players have not been paid yet, but the reality is that they will be paid; we guarantee they will be paid in full and the coaches will be paid in full and we’re going to do that very soon. We’re very sympathetic and understanding of their plight.”

It is unclear why Pelosi is refusing to pay his former employees, particularly in light of his vast wealth estimated at $25 million as well as the recent ruling against him.  No further legal action against Mr. Pelosi has been announced at this time.

Spending other people’s money has never been difficult for the Pelosi family.  I guess when it comes to their own, they are a bit more stingy.