Only in Obama's Imagination Is World 'More Stable,' Foreign Policy Author Says

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | September 29, 2013 | 2:00 PM EDT

MRCTV sat down with author and foreign policy expert John Wohlstetter.

The interview with Wohlstetter, the author "Sleepwalking with the Bomb," took place on Tuesday, Sept. 24, just a few short hours after President Obama gave a speech to the United Nation in which he issued warnings to both Syria and Iran concerning their weapons capabilities.

Wohlstetter told MRCTV that he can't imagine that our adversaries took Obama's speech seriously and that he saw no evidence to back up Obama's claim of the world being "a more stable place than it was five years ago.

"It's only more stable in his imagination," Wohlstetter said.

Regarding Iran, Wohlstetter said the only thing different about the country's new leader, compared to his predecessor, is that he has "better table manners."