Obamacare Phone Operator Fired for Talking to Hannity Answered More Questions than WH

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | October 25, 2013 | 1:01 PM EDT

It's been three weeks since the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website,  Despite the fact that the website itself is about as useful as a soup fork, Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, has somehow managed to hang onto her job.

The news isn't as good for Ereline Davis.  Davis was an operator at a call center, which was contracted to take phone calls from people interested in signing up for Obamacare. She was not a government employee.

Earlier this week, Sean Hannity called one of these call centers to ask some basic questions about how callers were reacting to the information they were being given about the health care law.

Unfortunately for Davis, her superiors didn't appreciate her telling the truth - and having it broadcast over the talk radio airwaves.  So they fired her.

The excuse that human resources gave to Davis for letting her go was that those at the call center are not permitted to speak to the media.  Davis claims she had no knowledge of such a policy.

This incident raises a few important questions.

First, how would it have looked if Davis had taken Hannity's call and, upon finding out she was on the radio, she had hung up?  The next day, instead of sound bites of a nice woman giving actual FACTS about how people are reacting to Obamacare, the airwaves would have been filled with a sound bite of Sean Hannity getting hung up on.

Not good PR for the administration

The Obama Administration won't even reveal to the public how many people have signed up for the exchanges to-date.  So, basically, Davis was fired despite the fact that she answered more important questions about Obamacare in five minutes than White House Spokesman Jay Carney has in a month.

Next, isn't is a bit ironic that Davis is being held accountable for something as trivial as talking about her job on the phone, while Kathleen Sebelius still has her job?  This,  despite the fact that the website that she's in charge of getting up and running, works about as well as a pair of X-Ray glasses ordered out of a comic book.

If Internet Explorer and Solyndra had a baby, it would be the Obamacare website.

Let's assume for a second that Davis' supervisors were simply going by the book and were justified in firing her for talking to the media.  When you compare that with that fact that neither Sebelius or anyone else in the administration has been held the least bit accountable for failing miserably at a project that they had three years to get right, doesn't it serve as yet another example of how dysfunctional big government is when compared to the private sector?

In the real world, when you screw up at your job, you get fired.  When you work for the government and you screw up at your job, the gays give you a medal.