Nearly Half Don't Know Party Affiliation of Own Representative

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | August 21, 2014 | 9:09 AM EDT

Almost half of the country cannot correctly identify the party affiliation of the member of Congress who represents the district in which they live.

These were the findings of Pew Poll of 1,420 voters conducted last month. The poll revealed that a staggering 48% of registered voters do not know whether their member of Congress is a Democrat or a Republican.

The poll found that a slightly higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats polled were successfully able to identify the party of their representative.  Men were also significantly more likely to know the party identification of their representative than women with a 14% point gap separating the genders.

More than two-thirds (69%) of voters say they do not want most representative re-elected in the upcoming mid-term elections.  However, only 36% do not want their own member of Congress re-elected in the fall. So obviously, American’s like their own representatives a lot more than they like congress as a whole.  Even if they don’t know which party they are a member of. 

The poll comes at a point when approval in Congress is at near record lows.  The poll also finds that Americans are split in their party preference for the upcoming mid-term elections with 45% saying they favor the GOP and 47% favoring the Democrats.

Despite the high dissatisfaction with Congress and the lack of familiarity with member’s party affiliation voter unhappiness does not necessarily translate to a high percentage of incumbents being voted out of office.  The percentage of House members re-elected to their seats has not dropped below 80% since 1964.

h/t: Katrina Jorgensen