Florida Cops Embark on Second Monkey-Hunt in as Many Years

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | February 4, 2014 | 11:11 AM EST

Officials near Tampa Florida are searching for a monkey suspected to be responsible for several car break-ins in the area, sending the state's police on their second monkey-hunt in as many years.

Monkeys can open doors and this particular rascal is suspected of breaking into several neighborhood vehicles.  Nothing has been stolen from the ransacked cars, but items have been thrown around leading some to believe that the monkey is searching for food. The monkey has been photographed by neighbors and is believed to be a rhesus macaque.

FOX 13 News

"You'd think that anybody breaking into a car would find it nice to find an iPod or a GPS sitting there, but they just left it all sitting there," said Corey Beckman in an interview with Fox 13 in Tampa where he is employed as a photojournalist.

"I didn't have Monkeys on my iPod...maybe it didn't like my music."

This isn't the first time a rhesus macaque that has been on the loose and wreaking havoc in the region. Just last year, Florida cops closed the case of a similar monkey had been on the loose for three years and bit a 60 year old woman, before he was captured in 2012.

This new "mystery monkey" has eluded capture thus far, however.  But, authorities have set up a hotline (1-888-404-3922) for neighbors to call if they see the fugitive monkey.

Angie Griffin, who has also seen the monkey, described what it said to her when she came across the beast.

"It was like, you know, 'hoo hoo, ha ha,'" explained Griffin.

Her husband, Bill Griffin, didn't seem all that surprised at the recent monkey-related events.

"All things are possible in Florida," he concluded.