Finally: Texas Man Puts 'Bigfoot' on Public Display

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | February 19, 2014 | 1:41 PM EST

A Texas man who claims to have shot and killed a Sasquatch has put the creature on display to prove once and for all that he went toe-to-toe with nature's most elusive monster, and won.

Last January, Rick Dyer made the stunning announcement that he had shot and killed "Bigfoot." He also claimed that he had the photos and the DNA to prove it.  According to Dyer, he lured the Bigfoot out into the open with a large quantity of ribs purchased at Wal-Mart.

He then tracked the creature and shot it.

Now, Dyer's Bigfoot corpse is making its public debut.  Dyer has the Bigfoot's remains on display in a trailer where Bigfoot enthusiasts can come see the creature for themselves.

"I saw the body," said one man who saw the exhibit.  "To me it looks like it's kind of remnant of a bear rug."

Some of the people who have seen the exhibit say they remain unconvinced.  A lot of this may have to do with the fact that Dyer has falsely claimed that he found Bigfoot once before.  In 2008 Dyer and a friend told the media they had discovered a dead Sasquatch in the woods..  However upon further inspection the remains turned out to be a rubber ape costume.

A simple mistake.

But I'd encourage everyone to give the guy a second chance.  He didn't earn the title of "The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World" for no reason.

"They're gonna see Bigfoot and I'm telling you it's the real Bigfoot," Dyer told local Texas news station KSAT. "You're definitely going to get your money's worth when you come out here."

The exhibit is free to the public.