Federal Judge Misquotes Constitution in Va. Gay Marriage Decision

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | February 14, 2014 | 12:00 PM EST

In her ruling striking down Virginia's ban on same sex marriage. U.S. District Judge Arenda L.Wright Allen, misquoted the Constitution of the United States.
In the opening of her 41-page opinion Allen wrote:

"Our Constitution declares that 'All Men' are created equal. Surely this means all of us."

Except the Constitution doesn't say that.  That line is from the Declaration of Independence, which was written years before the Constitution was drafted.

Perhaps it's too much to ask that the officials responsible for interpreting the American Constitution actually know what it says.  However, misquoting the words of the Constitution may not be quite as perilous to the country as our governments complete disregard for what the document actually says.

As for Allen, before she comes down with any more big,  controversial rulings, perhaps she should return to the 4th grade for a refresher course on the document that is supposed to act as the instruction manual for her job.