Driver Tries to Use Mannequin Head to Drive in Carpool Lane

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | May 8, 2014 | 1:26 PM EDT

A Massachusetts driver was issued a citation, Thursday, after a state trooper spotted a mannequin head in the car's passenger seat.  The head was being used to simulate an additional passenger in the vehicle so the driver could ride in the HOV lane during rush hour.

The mannequin head was attached to a work jacket to make it appear more lifelike.

The incident occurred on a stretch of I-93 near Quincy, Massachusetts.  This is not the first time that a driver has tried driving with a fake passenger in order to skirt the local HOV restrictions. In 2013 a woman was cited on the same stretch of highway for attempting to pass off a doll as a passenger.

The tactic isn't just a trend in Quincy either.  In 2011, Seattle police issued a man a $124 ticket for using an inflatable sex doll to sneak into that city's HOV lanes.

More recently a Washington State man simply put a baseball cap on his passenger seat headrest and a t shirt over the seat itself in an effort to cheat the HOV system.  It didn't work.