'Daily Show' Creator's Uterus-Puppet Video: 'State of the Vagina Is Good'

January 29, 2014 - 12:46 PM

In the wake of President Obama's State of the Union address, Tuesday night, the group Ladypartsjustice.com has released a video that could be one of the most disturbing pieces of political commentary in the history of YouTube.

The video features a Uterus puppet--yes, you read that correctly--delivering the State of the Uterus Address, a four minute diatribe bashing conservatives by rehashing every liberal talking point in the "War on Women" campaign.

If you just watched the video, let me apologize for the lifetime of nightmares that you will now inevitably suffer. But at least you now know what it's like to drop too much acid.

If you wisely decided to forgo watching the speech, here's a rundown of what the talking uterus says.

Ms. Uterus begins her speech by reminding her audience of Fallopian tubes and other guests that Republicans are "tirelessly fighting so that the uteri of America will have the same rights as the uteri of Saudi Arabia."

She goes on to assure her audience that the "state of the vagina.is good and getting better."

The puppet then laments the Supreme Court's decision to hear the Hobby Lobby case challenging Obamacare's birth control mandate:

"Only right here in the United States could a Christian craft store have the opportunity to run big science out of town and into the ground.  This is why I'm proposing in 2014 that Hobby Lobby employees hot glue-gun their knees together as a form of birth control. That, my friends, is called compromise and we need more of it."

In typical State of the Union fashion, Madame Uterus acknowledges some of the "heroes from the War on Women," including Mike Huckabee who is credited with "defeating Uncle Sugar and his libido jihad" and "liberating uteri from the tyranny of family planning."

Former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is then singled out and promised that members of the uterus caucus will take up where he left off and "...ensure that your fight to ban blow jobs will live to fail another day."

In conclusion, the felt uterus reminds her audience that "Behind every successful uterus is a man calling her a whore while cutting her pay." This is followed by a request for donations to Lady Parts Justice.

Gynecological puppet humor is a relatively new art form.  With a new Muppet movie scheduled for release this spring, it will be interesting to see if Lady Parts Justice's horrifying talking uterus can compete and become a mainstay in the puppet world.

Lady Parts Justice is the brainchild of Lizz Winstead, who is a co-creator of The Daily Show and a frequent guest on MSNBC.