Arizona No Stranger to Political Bullying Via Major Sports Events

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | February 25, 2014 | 5:09 PM EST

As a bill that would allow Arizona business owners to refuse service to individuals if serving them would compromise the owner's religious beliefs heads to  the desk of Governor Jan Brewer, a Washington Examiner editorial reports Arizona could lose the privilege of hosting the 2015 Super Bowl if Brewer signs the bill.

This is not the first time that Arizona has been threatened with losing the right to host a major sporting event by those who seek to punish the state for not bowing to political correctness.

In 1990 the NFL pulled the planned 1993 Super Bowl out of Tempe, Arizona after the citizens of Arizona voted down a referendum to recognize Martin Luther King Day as a state holiday. When the state's voters approved the holiday in 1992 Tempe was rewarded with the 1996 Super Bowl.

In 2010, when S.B. 1070, a law that would have cracked down on illegal immigration, passed in the state, activists, including one US congressman called for baseball's All-Star game to be pulled out of Phoenix.  However, that boycott effort failed to gain momentum.

Now, the Arizona Super Bowl host committee has publicly come out against The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 1062) and the NFL says it is watching closely as the bills fate is determined.