Al Gore Files Lawsuit Against Al Jazeera

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | August 15, 2014 | 12:06 PM EDT

Former Vice-President, Al Gore has filed suit against Qatari-owned television network Al Jazeera.

According to filings in a Delaware court, the lawsuit concerns Al Jazeera’s $500 million deal to buy Al Gore’s Current TV in 2012. 

According to Gore’s lawyer, David Boies, Al-Jazeera has failed to pay the full price agreed to when Gore sold Current TV.

“Al Jazeera America wants to give itself a discount on the purchase price that was agreed to nearly two years ago,” said Boies. “We are asking the court to order Al Jazeera America to stop wrongfully withholding the escrow funds that belong to Current’s former shareholders.”

Al Jazeera bought current with the hopes of reaching more than 40 million homes that had access to Gore’s Current TV.  But ratings for Al-Jazeera have been low since it began broadcasting in the United States.

Gore faced criticism when he made the initial deal to sell his network. Al-Jazeera is owned by the government of the oil rich nation of Quatar. Some saw hypocrisy in the sale due to Gore’s long-time activism for the cause of Global Warming, which he claims is caused primary by the burning of fossil fuels.