Video: Black Conservatives Harassed at NAACP Convention, Urged to Leave

Curtis Kalin
By Curtis Kalin | July 21, 2014 | 1:21 PM EDT

For years, black conservative groups have been banned from the NAACP annual convention. This year, with the theme of “All in For Justice and Equality,” the convention has allowed some equality of thought, but at a price.

The organization allowed a single booth for Freedom Works, staffed with two black conservatives, Deneen Borelli and CL Bryant of Freedom Works. While the NAACP relented on allowing the minimal amount of alternative participation, the one conservative booth was verbally attacked throughout the day. One attendee even suggested they should be forced to leave.

After cutting off Borelli, a taunting NAACP attendee shifted to Bryant, snidely saying of Borelli, “I though a woman would know how to speak and answer the question, but she doesn't.”

When Borelli attempted to answer the attendee’s attack, she was bluntly told, “If you’re not a member, I don’t care what you got to say.”

When asked herself what upset her so much, the attendee spouted the same old, tired line that Freedom Works is funded by “the billionaire Koch brothers” and that they were there to “dismember” the NAACP.

Beginning today, these same black conservatives will be holding the “Empower Liberty Summit at the very same hotel as the NAACP in Las Vegas.