Review: 24: Live Another Day Episode 11: When All Hope Is Lost

Curtis Kalin
By Curtis Kalin | July 8, 2014 | 9:32 AM EDT

Spoiler Warning: If you have not watched episode 11 of '24: Live Another Day', stop reading now…

The last episode of 24 before the finale saw everything fall apart, all hope lost, and begs the question: How can even Jack Bauer salvage this situation?

Before they leave Cross’s compound, Cheng removes the override tracker, spots Jack on a security camera, and fleas with Chloe in tow. Chloe surreptitiously records Cheng’s voice and leaves the phone. Meanwhile, Jack and Kate kill off the Russian hit men with help from their CIA backup.

'Jack Bauer' Has One Last Chance to save the day...

Cheng then gives a call to Russian foreign minister Anatol Stolnavich, who was the same man Mark leaked Jack’s CIA tracker code to. Stolnavich promises Cheng he’ll arrange safe travel out of Britain for him.

Jack calls Heller, Audrey, and the generals and clues them in to the Cheng connection, which freaks Audrey. She has a brief moment of that catatonic state Cheng left her in after season six. Meanwhile, Audrey asks Heller to let her back channel with an old Chinese official she knows. He agrees.

Jack calls Audrey in the car and spills his emotional guts. Asking her not to hate him and how sorry he is about everything that happened. Audrey reciprocates, poignantly telling Jack, "I could never hate you." She concludes by demanding, “Do what needs to be done, do you hear me Jack?"

You don’t have to tell that to Jack twice.

The CIA techies figure out the Russians were tracking Jack’s CIA code. They also know that Mark was the one who had to have leaked it. Jack arrives unannounced at the Presidential residence to confront Mark and Heller. Mark then spills his whole plan. He was unaware of Stolnavich’s connection to Cheng and Russian intelligence. It would be the Russians who would most benefit from a U.S./China war.

Heller wants to arrest Mark for treason, but Jack wants to send him to the Stolnavich residence in London and lure the Russian to give up Cheng’s location. This operation commences with a backdrop of Chinese military retaliation for the sinking of their carrier. The generals want to put the nuclear forces on ready alert, Heller disagrees as he spills his medication all over the floor. But, after the Chinese attack American satellites, Heller relents and takes the country to DEFCON 3.

Chloe is traveling with Cheng in a semi truck when she attacks the men with a pipe and jumps out of the moving vehicle. She rolls down into a ditch. Cheng’s men hunt for her, but after British military officers bump into Cheng, they leave Chloe in the ditch.

Mark is wired with an earpiece and a flag pin camera. Mark talks his way into the Stolnavich mansion. The CIA kills the security cameras as Mark is talking to Stolnavich and they begin to brawl. Mark ends up throwing them both through a glass wall as Jack and Kate swoop in. Stolnavich ends up with a shard of glass in his neck which eventually kills him. He refuses to provide Jack with Cheng’s location before he dies.

Meanwhile, Audrey meets with her Chinese contact. She seems to convince her to provide the information to her government. But as she leaves, she’s shot along with Audrey’s two Secret Service agents. Audrey gets a call from Cheng ordering her to sit down. There’s a sniper trained on her.

With just one episode left, President Heller's health is falling apart, Audrey is in peril, Chloe is left for dead, the U.S. and China are on the brink of nuclear war, and Jack has no leads. So much needs to get wrapped up in just one episode. Through a Fox press release, the network confirmed that a time-jump will take place next week. The title of the episode is 10:00PM-11:00AM, implying a 13 hour jump. The release also promises “lives will be lost” and the post-episode promo promised “one stunning twist” that included a photo of a flag-draped coffin.

I’ve been watching 24 since its inception and I have no idea how all of this will get resolved. Next week is positively the most must-see 24 episode in the show’s history.