House Democrat: Obama ‘One Step Behind’ on Border Crisis

Curtis Kalin
By Curtis Kalin | July 7, 2014 | 2:11 PM EDT

As the situation on the southern border becomes more dire, the Obama Administration is now receiving criticism from its own party.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) appeared on CNN on Sunday and chided the President for not seeing the flood of illegal unaccompanied minors coming:

CUELLAR: "It's not the first time we have seen a surge, and we should have been ready for this surge. The administration should have been ready."

CROWLEY: "Well, I think you both agree the administration, you don't feel, was ready.

"Let me ask you, Congressman, do you think the president will get the $2 billion plus that he's asking for to meet this emergency situation, with more help at the border, more social workers to deal with the children?"

CUELLAR: "Well, again, we got Border Patrol securing the border right now, as you can see behind us.

"But the president has asked for some money. He certainly can move some moneys around, and we can handle that at the end if we want to. Again, let's keep in mind, with all due respect to the administration, they're one step behind

"They should have seen this coming a long time ago."

Cuellar’s critique comes on the heals of Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry telling ABC that he sent a letter warning of the potential for mass illegal migration in May of 2012.