24: Live Another Day, Episode 6: Things Get Complicated

Curtis Kalin
By Curtis Kalin | June 3, 2014 | 9:38 AM EDT

Spoiler Warning: If you have not watched episode 6 of '24: Live Another Day', stop reading now…

For the first half of 24: Live Another Day, the plot included a couple turns and some throwback kick-butt Jack Bauer moments, but remained generally similar to all other previous seasons. The sixth episode featured major swerves that will force viewers to question the loyalty and motives of many of this season’s new faces.

'Jack Bauer'

CIA London station chief Navaro has survived the drone strike on Margot’s supposed compound. When he returns to his post, one of the data analysts finds some odd missing sections in the computer system where Kate’s husband was caught selling secrets to China. This part of Kate’s background hasn’t been well explored until now. Navaro shrugs off the missing data sections. But he does so for a seemingly nefarious purpose as he takes a call from a mystery man inferring that Kate’s husband was framed for the crime (a crime which was about to force her out of the CIA).

After watching the failed mission with the British Prime Minister, Heller repeats himself and again shows his failing mental acuity. The PM is given a report from his intelligence attaché confirming Heller has early-onset Alzheimer’s. A lack of trust begins to show between the two leaders. So much so, that the PM orders the tracking of Jack by MI5.

Sleazy Mark receives a call from a top Russian official questioning when Jack will be renditioned per the order Mark forged. He reassures him, but this plotline is sure to bubble up if/when Jack stops the drone threat.

Meanwhile, Jack is given everything he asked for from Heller. As Heller said, “If Jack wants it, Jack gets it.” Indeed, Mr. President. Jack also requests Kate. Jack plans to give Kate over to his arms-dealing contact and let Chloe hack his system to track his phone calls to Margot. This plan achieves its objectives, but not before MI5 nearly blows the mission by busting in before the deal can go down. Plus, Kate is brutally tortured and nearly mutilated. But in the end, Jack and Chloe get what they need.

In the Al-Harazi family, things are falling apart. Navid’s sister left him a voicemail indicating he told her of the plan. Margot dispatches Simone to go and confirm this. She meets his sister and young niece. They know basically nothing, but Margot insists Simone kill the sister and the child anyway. An unwilling Simone stabs the sister during an argument and with the child watching. She runs away as Simone pursues. Out of nowhere, Simone is slammed by a double-decker bus. This is sure to put a wrinkle in Margot’s plan.

Nearly every second tier character received some depth this episode. The British PM is understandably worried for his country and distrustful of a mentally lacking U.S. President. Navaro is at the beck and call of some mystery collaborator looking to sideline Kate. Kate herself shows her toughness in the face of some vicious conditions. And Simone, seemingly a bitterly loyal terrorist, nearly compromised her whole mission. With all of these threads growing, complications will soon mount, as Jack continues to track the drone threat.