Victims' Family Blasts Media For Sympathizing with Executed Murderer Instead of Those He Killed

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | July 24, 2014 | 5:16 PM EDT

After the state of Arizona executed Joseph R. Wood III today for the 1989 murders of Debra Dietz and her father Eugene, family members of Wood's victims were outraged that media were focused on whether Wood suffered -- not on the suffering of his victims.

"You don't know what excruciating is. What is excruciating is seeing your dad laying there in a pool of blood, seeing you sister there in a pool of blood. That's excruciating. This man deserved it," Jeannie Brown, daughter of Eugene Dietz, the sister of Debra Dietz told reporters, responding to their concerns that it took Wood nearly two hours to die after receiving a lethal injection.

Her husband, Richard, who witnessed the murders, was even harsher on the media:

"I was a witness to the shooting. And, from what I've seen today, you guys are blowing this way out of proportion about these drugs. This man conducted a horrifying murder. And, you guys are going, 'Oh, let's worry about the drug.'"

"Well, why didn't we give him a bullet? Why didn't we give him some Draino? Why didn't we give him something else? Everybody's worried about the drug. You know, these people that do this, that are on death row, they deserve to suffer a little bit."

He suggested that the reporters wouldn't be focusing on the drug, if their family members had been the ones murdered:

"So, how would you guys feel if it was one of your family members? Would you be talking about the drug, or would you be talking about a family member? I saw the life go out of my sister-in-law's eyes right in front of me as he shot her to death. I'm so sick and tired of you guys blowing this drug stuff out of proportion, because, to me, that's B.S."

"It's not just about him. It's about other people that suffered, that are still suffering," he said, adding," "It's about the victims."

Both Debra and Richard Brown said that Wood simply fell asleep and remained unconscious until he died. Richard Brown added that Wood even laughed at them before falling asleep:

"He didn't yell out once. He smiled and laughed at us and then went to sleep. So, all of you people that think these drugs are bad, well, the hell with you guys. You need to look at the big picture."

A reporter followed up by asking him what it was like to be so close to Wood when he died, to which Brown replied:

"The last time I was that close, he shot my sister-in-law to death."