Levin: 'The French Republicans...Can't Produce the Votes for Surrender' on Obamacare

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | September 19, 2013 | 11:08 AM EDT

Last night, Mark Levin blasted Republicans who had been reluctant to fight to defund Obamacare, calling them "French Republicans" and saying they were "forced to fight" because "they can't produce the votes for surrender."

On Thursday's radio program, host Levin said some Republicans don't consider Obamacare defunding worth fighting for and were desperately seeking ways to surrender - until they were forced to fight by true conservatives, like those in the Tea Party:

"Now finally, finally the French Republicans understand that if they surrender politically they're going to be shot in the backs. That it's a loser. The geniuses at the Wall Street Journal - they're still hanging on with their fingernails. And same with the others that I mentioned. Rather than help us fight this, rather than give us additional substantive and intellectual firepower, they surrendered from day one like Republican bureaucrats. They don't even see this fight as worth fighting.

"And now finally, finally the so-called Republican leadership in the House, not on their own, but forced, forced by you, forced by the remaining conservatives in the House. Yes, the Tea Party conservatives, God bless you. And thank you - forced to take the only responsible and sane action they should have taken from day one. All this precious time wasted with this internecine fighting. All this precious time where they could have gone to the American people and made the case day in and day out.

"Rather than uniting with us from day one. Squirming, conniving, looking for a way out. Finally, they have no way out because they can't produce the votes for surrender. Finally, they get it."