Watch: GoPro Video of a 'Roof Jump' - Epic, or Crazy?

Cory Parks
By Cory Parks | July 31, 2014 | 12:27 PM EDT


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This is some insane first-person footage of a professional stunt man jumping off of a roof using GoPro Cameras. The video shows stuntman, Ethan Swanson preparing for his jump. He calculates his the jump very carefully before he takes off. The slow-motion footage of him in mid-air is a very nice touch and he sticks the landing.

GoPro is making it hard for people to refrain from doing crazy things, getting them on camera and watch the videos go viral. As reported on the GoPro's YouTube page, they have almost 2000 videos, over almost 560 million views and over two million subscribers. 

Do you think this is crazy or epic? Would you go and grab a GoPo and see if you can make a video go viral?