Seal Pup Wants to Go Surfing

Cory Parks
By Cory Parks | August 12, 2014 | 1:27 PM EDT

With summer winding down, two surfers decides to go catch some waves...and got some uexpected company.

This cool video shows Matthew Stanley and his friend Andrew surfing, and to their surprise, a seal pup wanted to tag along.

Insolitevideo had a chance to talk to Matt and Andrew and they said, “Me and my friend Andrew were out enjoying some summer waves when this little guy came along and scared the hell out of Andy because we didn’t know what it was! It nudged his foot from underneath.”

They go on to say, “When we got home Andy rang the local marine wildlife authority to make them aware of what occurred just in case the seal was unwell… He didn’t seem unwell when he was surfing in like a pro!”