Obama Touts Plan to Turn Giants' Center Field Bleacher into 'Edible Garden' with Kale

Bob Parks
By Bob Parks | July 31, 2013 | 10:16 AM EDT

President Obama took the opportunity to honor the defending Major League Baseball champion San Francisco Giants and added this...?

On Monday, Obama announced plans to turn the Giants' center field bleachers into the nation's first "edible garden" at a major league stadium.

It will be interesting to see who gets the privileged access to AT&T Park to tend to this "edible garden" or how it may or may not interfere with the batter's line of sight (there is usually no seating or bright colors allowed in straight-away center field as to not mess with the batter's having less than a second to see an incoming pitch).

And, as most baseball fans know, hot dogs seem to taste better at a ballpark than anywhere else. The president is an avid baseball fan and must know this.

It's bad enough that school children have presidential spouse-pet project healthy foods pushed on them, they in return push back right into trashcans. Now, one of the very things that make the baseball experience special is being challenged and we should want to pass on that hotdog in favor of kale and eggplant.