World-Class Skydiver's View as He Navigates Arizona Canyon

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | March 24, 2014 | 2:03 PM EDT

Ever wonder what the view of a world-class paraglider, skydiver and ski BASE jumper is like? Marshall Miller skydives with a GoPro camera attached in the Vermillion Cliffs wilderness of Arizona - and we have amazing video of his incredible descent.

From his biography online:

Marshall picked up a paraglider for the first time in 1999 and discovered his life's purpose: flying. An aerial enthusiast with an infectious obsession with the sky, Marshall is most at home aloft. His skills include all facets of flying: paragliding, speed flying, wingsuiting, skydiving, BASE jumping (including ski BASE jumping) and kiting.

"I love to share the stoke with my friends," he explains. "It's pretty humbling to share such unique and special moments through these incredible sports."

Miller is famous for shooting this viral video, which garnered more than a million views.

His biography says Miller is "a dedicated family man with a beautiful wife and two children" who lives in Salt Lake City.