Whoopi Goldberg Defends PC Speech: ‘Spoken Like a True White Guy’

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | June 27, 2014 | 9:58 AM EDT

Whoopi Goldberg defended everyone's right to be perpetually offended on The View yesterday, shutting down TheBlaze's Will Cain's arguments against her with, "That is spoken like a true white guy."

Things got testy when The Blaze's Will Cain, a guest host, said, "We elevate words to the most harmful thing in society. How dare you say something that could offend somebody How dare you say something that hurts my feelings?" Cain said, commenting on a Russell Brand quote where he compared ISIS to FOX News.

"Why have we gone to this place where words are the worst thing in the world?"

"Let me tell you why," Whoopi Goldberg said. "Because we have a history of utilizing words to harm people and hurt people. And the people who have been on the other side of it, I think are at the point where they're saying, this is not okay anymore. Cause at some point we have to all grow up."

"And verbal abuse is sometimes worse than physical abuse," chimed in one host.

"There was a time when 'sticks and stones can break my bones but your words cannot hurt me' -" Cain said.

"But, that's not true..." the ladies protested, apparently arguing for the right to be forever offended.

"I don't believe in that saying one bit," said Sherri Shepherd. "Words do hurt you. Labels can hurt you."

"That's the whole point," Cain said. "You've got to be bigger than words."

Goldberg shot back:

"What you can do is say 'You know what, don't use that Redskin thing anymore. I'm not comfortable with it.' 'Don't say this word, cause I don't like it.' 'I'm Irish, and I don't like it...' Any one of these groups has the absolute right to say 'this has been harmful, this has hurt my parents, this has hurt my grandparents and don't use it anymore or you're gonna hear about it, or use it and don't be surprised if people are pissed.'"

"We'll all be out of business," said Cain. "Everybody's offended all the time, from the Fighting Irish, to the Redskins..." at this point the audience began to cheer.

"That is spoken like a true white guy," said Goldberg angrily.

"Maybe," said Cain shrugging. "That's what I am."

"That is spoken like a true white guy," she repeated. "And I don't mean it in a bad way."

Cain concluded his thoughts with: "My argument is not that there's no such thing as offensive words. It's how do you react to them. You don't shut people up because you disagree or someone said something offensive, you roll on with your life."