Vulgar, Violent 'Voteman' Video Retracted By Danish Gov't

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | May 14, 2014 | 12:14 PM EDT

The government of Denmark officially retracted Tuesday a viral, violent, and pornographic "Get out the Vote" animated video featuring a cartoon character called "Voteman."

"Voteman" rides on dolphins, punches people, and warns that, if you don't vote in the EU elections on May 25, "You will have no influence on climate regulations, agriculture subsidies, chemicals in toys, and the amount of cinnamon allowed in his cinnamon buns." Incredibly, all of this is said without any hint of irony.

The video was created by the Danish Parliament and uploaded to their Facebook and Youtube accounts. Mogens Lyketoft, Speaker of the Danish Parliament, defended the video calling it "fairly innocent," humorous and that critics should "lighten up." But now he concedes that they should have considered the idea more carefully.

Denmark does have consistently higher turnout for EU elections, so maybe this type of crazy animated video with everything from decapitations to group sex actually works.

Apparently the video cost 200,000 krone (roughly $36,900) and now Danish members of Parliament are vowing to investigate how this video was ever approved.

Hey, Danes, it's not that bad - at least you got an actual price tag for this internet disaster, and your video seems to run without any glitches!

God forbid that U.S. taxpayers ever find out how much it cost to make "Pajama boy."

h/t: Globalpost