VA Teen Murders Parents Because He Was Tired of 'Dad Taking Away My iPod'

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | May 30, 2014 | 11:17 AM EDT

A Virginia teen honor student brutally attacked and killed his parents because he was tired of routine punishments, "like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff," he admitted in court this week.

A week before Christmas, Vincent Parker "just got mad and went off" stabbing his mother in the eye and beating her in the face "until she stopped breathing."

WTKR reports:

A medical examiner identified 25 separate smashes and stabs to Carol Parker's neck, face and head. When Vincent's father Wayne Parker came home, Vincent struck him with a crowbar and stabbed him several times. Wayne Parker lived long enough to tell police what happened. After first trying to say his father was the aggressor, Vincent admitted he killed his parents. Vincent was Carol and Wayne's only child.

Parker was found to be both sane and intelligent after a judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation. He's pled guilty in adult court to two counts of second-degree murder.

Parker's grandfather told WTKR: "I want him to get some type of counseling. Help him to grow up and be an understanding man. Be sorry for what he did do. I told him to ask God to forgive him for what he did."

Asked if he forgave his grandson, he said, "Well, yes, I have. Because if I don't forgive him, who will?"