Target Takes Down Bikini Ad from Site after Epic Photoshop Fail

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | March 12, 2014 | 2:50 PM EDT

Target received criticism all over the internet yesterday when a blog noted that the company appeared to have clumsily Photoshopped "thigh gap" on a model, resulting in an image with part of her crotch missing.

Thigh gap" is a dangerous obsession among many young women to attain a space between their upper thighs when they stand with their legs and knees together.

The ad in question is for Xhilaration Junior's Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit in Leopard Print, a swimsuit in Target's junior's line (marketed to tween and teen girls.)

ABC News reported:

The model in the ad has a thigh gap, the gaping space between her legs and a worrying body trend among teenage girls. But the gap actually extends into her pelvis (and the bathing suit the ad aims to sell) in an apparent slip of the Photoshop eraser.

"It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize," Target spokesman Evan Miller told "We removed the image from the site and we're working to get a new image up there."

Off-Target: Can You Spot the Photoshop Error?

Several websites captured the images before Target removed them. The original product photos show part of the model, R'el Dade's thigh and left armpit area also clumsily removed.

The question is: why did Target feel the need to alter (and in the end, mangle) this beautiful model's body, anyway? R'el Dade is already gorgeous and thinner than most American women could ever hope to be, but Target still needed to make her thighs smaller?