Steve Jobs' Shocking Response to Getting a Google Employee Fired

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | April 1, 2014 | 9:42 AM EDT

Just in case you didn't already hate Steve Jobs for being the force behind Apple's plethora of i-Products, new court documents show that Steve Jobs reacted swiftly and harshly to get a Google employee fired - and when Jobs succeeded in his mission, he responded with a smiley emoticon.

The Justice Department obtained emails between Steve Jobs and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt that show both men had an agreement to not hire workers from each other's companies (thus keeping workers' wages low.) The emails show that each man took the agreement to not recruit very seriously and saw it as Google and Apple's "policy" on the matter.

According to PandoDaily, which obtained the court emails:

In early March, 2007, as Google was expanding fast and furiously, one of its recruiters from the " Engineering" group made a career-ending mistake: She cold-contacted an Apple engineer by email, violating the secret and illegal non-solicitation compact that her boss, Eric Schmidt, had agreed with Apple's Steve Jobs.

What happened next is just one of many specific examples of how people's lives were impacted by the Techtopus wage-theft cartel that was taken down by the Department of Justice antitrust division, and is currently being litigated in a landmark class action lawsuit.

Wind of the botched recruitment attempt eventually made it all the way up the top of the Apple food chain to Jobs, "who emailed Schmidt directly to ask him to stop Google employees from recruiting at Apple. Schmidt, who was then Google's CEO, immediately contacted Google's human resources department, and the recruiter in question was 'terminated within the hour,' according to an email by an HR executive," reports Time.

When informed that the Google recruiter had been summarily fired, Jobs responded via e-mail with a smiley face.

During a deposition last year, Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder, was questioned about this incident, and this policy, by the plaintiff's attorney for the Silicon Valley wage theft class action lawsuit.

She didn't recall the March 2007 emails, but she too was shocked by Jobs' response. However, not for the reason you'd expect...

"Wow, Steve used a smiley. God, I never got one of those," she responded to attorney Richard Heimann.