MSNBC's Mitchell: Obama 'Not Even Up to the Moral Outrage' of Samantha Power on MH17

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | July 21, 2014 | 10:27 AM EDT

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell accused the Obama administration of "ineffective American leadership" on Sunday's Meet the Press and said that: "I understand why critics think that the President's rhetoric on Friday was not even up to the moral outrage expressed by Samantha Power" over downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

"They had the same intelligence, the same evidence," Mitchell said. "Samantha Power was a more forceful presentation at the United Nations than the President."

Mitchell added that, "I think what you spotted today is that they are trying to leave some running room with Vladimir Putin."

Her remarks came after Jason Riley from The Wall Street Journal gave his opinion that President Obama is "not leading. Vladimir Putin is rebuilding the Russian empire. And Obama is worried about maintaining a light footprint internationally. And what happens is a void. A power vacuum is created, and people like Vladimir Putin are more than happy to make mischief here."

Riley stated that he thought the turning point with Russia had been Syria, because "we set a red line. Assad ignored it. There were no consequences. Putin was taking note. He not only took note, he took Crimea. There has been no consequences."