Jon Stewart: IRS 'Doing Their Best' to 'Give Off Scandal Stink'

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | June 26, 2014 | 11:20 AM EDT

"The IRS is clearly doing their best to continue to give off scandal stink," Jon Stewart said on his Comedy Central show this week, characterizing the IRS' testimony as "galling" and "criminal idiocy."

"When we last left the IRS, their official, Lois Lerner, had taken the fifth instead of testifying for Congress. So Congress asked the IRS if they would be so kind as to click the "forward" button on all of Lois Lerner's emails."

"What happened with that?" Stewart asked, playing a CBS news clip detailing the IRS' new claim that Lerner's hard drive had crashed.

"Well that's irritating, computers do crash, emails are lost, but - typically - finding that out takes less time than it takes to gestate a manatee," Stewart said to audience laughs.

"A year?!?! Come on!" Stewart said.

Of Koskinen's testimony, Stewart said: "Enough cathartic public shaming - where are the damn emails?"

A clip played of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen saying that no emails could be retrieved from Lerner's hard drive.

"So was [the hard drive] physically destroyed?" asked Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) in the clip.

"That's my understanding," responds Koskinen.

"So was it melted down?" Camp asked.

"I have no idea what was done with it," said Koskinen.

"So up until now, the whole thing is annoying," Stewart said. "But not quite galling."

"Here's where it gets somewhat galling." A clip plays of Koskinen saying that "the IRS has historically only preserved backup tapes for six months."

"Alright," says Stewart, covering his eyes. "The government agency whose entire business model relies on forcing Americans to live as borderline hoarders only keeps their s*** for six months?! No, that's unacceptable."

"You know, you never get a notice from the IRS saying, 'Please bring your records down to us - if you can find them,'" he said.