Iraqi Sources: ‘Thousands of Refugees Living in Parks;' 'Aren't Getting Any of This Humanitarian Aid'

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | August 11, 2014 | 4:04 PM EDT

"Nothing has changed, the situation is getting worse and worse," said Father Gabriel Adde of the Syrian Orthodox Church to Judge Jeanine Pirro on FOX Saturday night. "People aren't getting any of this humanitarian aid." The water and food that was air-dropped by the U.S. for religious minorities facing starvation and drought in Iraq from IS forces is not reaching them, according to reports.

This displaced Assyrian girl is forced to carry her belongings as her family flees IS forces.

The air-dropped food and water are getting destroyed before the people can access it, said both Fr. Adde and Senior Policy Adviser with In Defense of Christians Jordan Allott. Christians that are stuck between Mosul and Irbil cannot access water or food.

"There's one man in particular... and he's pretty much holed up in his house...ISIS rolled in, took over the town... he's stuck there," Allott said. "He's afraid to leave. He's been told to stay in his home. He doesn't have food, he doesn't have water. A friend of his tried to leave and was actually shot on his motorcycle trying to flee the area. ...So his family is very concerned, what is he going to do? Is he going to starve to death, is he going to get killed trying to leave?"

"For the last month... [we have] been trying to raise awareness throughout the world. And yet the whole world was so silent," said Father Adde.

"When you hear about children being beheaded - why, why would anyone do that?" asked Judge Pirro.

"That is not normal," said Adde. "These are barbaric people. They are brainwashed to do this."

Adde added: "Yesterday the United Nations celebrated the international day of the world's indigenous people. And [they] said it is the responsibility of the world's nations to protect and ensure the legal rights of the [world's] indigenous people. And yet it took him ten days to say this, to respond to this... Yet who are the Syrians, who are the Chaldeans? Weren't they the indigenous people of this land? But it took an attack on the city of Sinjar where there are Yazidis there, and the Pashmerga... just to raise their awareness, to start speaking against these things?"

"170,000 killed, we've got children being beheaded, and now all of a sudden we can't turn a blind eye," Pirro responded, asking Allott for comment.

Allott: "I think our elected officials - the only thing they care about is getting reelected. So we need to ...the media isn't doing a good job of this - we need to make people aware so they can put pressure on our elected officials to do something."

"To do what? To do what? I mean, you have a President who says they're not going in until they have a unity government in Iraq - I mean when hell freezes over you'll have a unity government in Iraq!" said an outraged Pirro.

"Humanitarian aid would be a great start," said Allott. "In Irbil for example, there are thousands of refugees who are just living in parks and on any green area they can find, and they're not being helped at all."

Photos posted to Twitter confirm Allott's claims.

"Children are dying of hunger and starvation, it's a worldwide embarrassment," said Pirro.