Dr. Carson: More People Know Who Sings 'Happy' Than About Benghazi

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | July 8, 2014 | 11:55 AM EDT

"Go on the street and ask who sings the 'Happy' song, and most [people] will know," Dr. Ben Carson, former pediatric neurosurgeon, and NY Times best-selling book author said. "But you ask about Benghazi and they won't know about that. Is that a singer? It sounds like it could be a singer."

Instead of allowing young people to smoke pot - but getting upset over the sugar in their soda - Americans should be paying attention to what's happening with the IRS, Benghazi, and "Fast and Furious" scandals.

"People who don't have a good base of knowledge can be easily manipulated," Dr. Carson said in an interview with World Net Daily, warming to his familiar theme on education. "What's lacking is the desire to inform yourself."

"These people vote - they're looking for a D, or an R, or a name that looks familiar," Carson said. "And that's pretty much the extent of it."

"When we throw away those values that rapidly propelled us to the pinnacle of the world, you're going to see a concomitant deterioration," Carson said.

"When we do things like have our Attorney General and our President say, 'marijuana is not that bad, I used it and look how I turned out' - well, that's the problem," he said.

The former pediatric neurosurgeon went on, "We have clear scientific evidence that the use of cannabis in the developing brain is detrimental. And the brain is developing until your late 20s. Well who are the people who are using [pot]? Teens and early and mid-20s. There's going be consequences for that. And why are they not talking about that?"

"Why are we more concerned about how much sugar there is in a beverage that you're drinking?" Dr. Carson asked. "Not that that isn't important, but we need to look at the things that are truly having a deleterious effect on our society, and stop the subterfuge."

"We do so many things to distract people," he said, mentioning the Redskins trademark as a distraction from scandals like the IRS, Benghazi and "Fast and Furious."

Editor's Insight: It seems Dr. Carson has been reading the MRCTV blog. Back in May, Dan Joseph visited the George Mason University campus and found that people do, indeed, know who sings "Happy" - but, think Benghazi is a guy from their gym or a place in Afghanistan. Check it out.