Ben Carson Asks Rev. Sharpton for ‘A Public Debate’

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | August 19, 2014 | 3:09 PM EDT

"I had an opportunity to speak to Rev. [Al] Sharpton a couple of months ago... and said, 'You know, we want the same kinds of things, but we have very different approaches to achieving them," said Dr. Ben Carson, author and retired pediatric neurosurgeon. "What do you think about a public debate, to talk about the various ways that we can get this done?"

Carson continued that issues facing the African-American community: "These are things that need to be discussed, and we need to bring out into the open what are the raw issues and how do we solve them? We will never do that, if we remain in our separate corners and cast aspersions."

Appearing on Fox News, Carson was asked by host Martha MacCallum for his opinion on actions by Rev. Al Sharpton's appearance in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend. MacCallum asked about the "bigger picture," in light of murder rates in cities like Detroit, Washington D.C., and "murder capitals of this country" - "And it begs the question: where is the leadership, in terms of stepping in to try to help those children, killed on the streets of Detroit, and Chicago, where are the voices where that's concerned?"

"I would like to ask that question too," Carson said.