86 Year-Old Ex-Con, Ex-Governor, Ex-Reality Star to Run for Congress

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | February 25, 2014 | 4:25 PM EST

Less than three years after being released from prison, 86 year-old Louisiana Democrat Edwin Edwards told Bloomberg that he is planning a run for Congress.

Edwards is easily the most flamboyant of the corrupt Louisiana politicians: he served four times as Governor (the longest serving governor in Louisiana's history), followed by eight years in Federal prison for racketeering, conspiracy and extortion. After his release from the Federal penitentiary, he married 51-years-his-junior and prison pen-pal Trina Grimes Scott.

If any of this sounds like a reality show, don't worry - he has that on his resume, too. After his wedding to third-wife Trina Scott, the colorful duo filmed a short-lived reality series, "The Governor's Wife."

Edwards is a one-man walking quote machine. To Larry King, Edwards said of his new young wife: "I learned something good to use Republicans for - sleep with them!"

In the same interview, he said: "They sent me to prison for life and I came out with a good-looking wife."

At an awards dinner, the Daily Mail reported that he said, "I'm only as old as the woman I feel."

When questioned about a book's claim that he slept with six women in one night, Edwards responded, "No, it wasn't that way. [The author] was gone when the last one came in."

His storied political life is full of shocking one-liners, including two of the most famous political quotes of all time:

In 1983, he said, "The only way I'm losing is if I'm caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."

On his opponent (former KKK Grand Wizard) David Duke, Edwards said, "We're both wizards in the sheets."

In 2012, Edwards said he didn't need Viagra, "Viagra needs me. Doesn't the Times-Picayune know they use my blood to make that stuff?"

With lines like these, it's too bad A&E canceled that reality series - this seems like one political race worth watching!