Next Stop: The Twilight Zone

Steve Deace
By Steve Deace | August 21, 2013 | 4:35 PM EDT

In an era defined by bad ideas whose time has come, this one ranks right up (or should I say, "down") there.

Come November, parents in Germany will now be given a third option for defining their child's gender on his/her birth certificate. No, I didn't just make that up. Yes, you read that right. Come November, parents in Germany will be given a third option for defining their child's gender on his/her birth certificate.

But there aren't three genders you say? There are only boys and girls you claim? Well, that's because you're still living in the dark ages with the rest of history's losers, bitterly clinging to your guns and your Bibles. See, you're still holding on to those antiquated traditions of Western Civilization-the very moral value system that made liberty and prosperity possible. As a progressive bureaucrat in Oregon recently said, you need to be rehabilitated.

Once rehabilitated, you will come to learn what all the idiots progressives currently destroying saving Western Civilization for Islam have come to learn (although we have no idea where or how they learned it)-that a child's gender could be "indeterminate" as the German government now asserts.

True, for eons now humankind of all races, ethnicities, and belief systems simply looked between a newborn baby's legs to determine what gender he/she was and then raised it accordingly. But that's so passé. Just because we've been doing it that way for 6,000 years doesn't mean we should keep on denying each randomly evolved primate's quest for self-actualization. After all, who are we to judge? How can I possibly impose my definition of penis, vagina, male, or female on another human being?

If there is no standard we're all ultimately accountable to, then there really is no standard at all and everyone does what he/she sees fit. This is what progressive describe as "freedom."

Granted, Western Civilization has traditionally defined "freedom" to mean freedom from our sinful nature, to do what's right without government redefining right from wrong to suit its own statist desires, and then to profit off of doing so we can pass on a better way of life to our gender-specific offspring than we had.

But, why hold on to cherished traditions that built the most successful human civilization this side of Eden when we can trade it all in for a culture so "indeterminate" we don't even know what gender we are, instead? And, then, you promise to throw in $17 trillion in debt to sweeten the deal, as well? Who wouldn't make that trade in a heartbeat?

Can you shout "Allahu, Akbar?" I hope so, because it looks like you'll need to sooner rather than later!

Maybe, you don't think this is your problem. Maybe, you think whatever doesn't impact your wallet is none of your concern. Except the very people peddling this dead sprint towards Gomorrah are the same people who steal from you in the name of compassion.

So, either way, you will be made to care.

But, why stop at the child's birth? Maybe, we shouldn't ever impose a gender on a child. What blessed diversity that would be? Imagine gender becoming like an Almond Joy candy bar commercial from back in the day.

"Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."

But let's not overreact with one of those dreaded "slippery slope" arguments. It's not like we'll have kids in schools determining what bathrooms to use based on what gender they feel they are on a given day or anything.

Oh, wait...