Go Forth and Multiply

Steve Deace
By Steve Deace | July 29, 2013 | 2:59 PM EDT

My wife and I were huge fans of the Battlestar Galactica television series that ran from 2004-2009. An update of the series that ran briefly back in 1978; this was a grittier and more realistic version of the story of a rag-tag remnant of humans fighting extinction at the hands of the Cylon robots they constructed. The series often included political and cultural sub-text, exploring both sides of our contemporary debates.

One such episode was a perfect example of where we're headed today.

The president is a woman, and only because as Secretary of Education she was the only member of the previous president's cabinet not killed in a Cylon attack. A feminist, she is a staunch defender of "reproductive freedom" (i.e. child killing). Except she finds herself at odds with the leader of her military force, Commander Adama, who doesn't believe as a soldier he should be airing his political opinions. So his disagreement with his commander-in-chief on the issue of abortion in the episode has nothing to do with any moral or philosophical reasoning, but is rather practical. See, Adama is concerned with human extinction.

So to convince the president to outlaw the killing of unborn children he writes a number on a white board, which is how many thousands of human beings are remaining in their civilization. Then he reminds her that the machine-like enemy they're up against can reproduce in the thousands every day right off an assembly line. He convinces her that she can have all the philosophical and moral positions she wants, but if human beings are extinct none of it matters. And right now he needs as many live bodies as he can get, because who knows how long they'll have to be fighting this enemy?

Thus, the president outlaws the killing of unborn children and the government starts encouraging procreation and families.

Right now birth rates in the United States are at an all-time historic low, according to the Center for Disease Control. The only age demographic of women whose birth rate has increased is women 35-44 years-old. That means we are waiting later to have families, and we're having smaller families, too. Since that is also the age where it becomes increasingly difficult to become pregnant and pregnancy itself becomes a more problematic health concern for women.

Also, Pew Research Center says if you're white, educated, and wealthy you're likely to have fewer babies. In fact, the U.S. birthrate for foreign-born women is 50 percent higher than for American-born women. In 1990 just 16% of all U.S. births were to foreign-born women. Now one of every four U.S. births is to foreign-born women.

Now consider this.

Currently, there are approximately four million more Americans on taxpayer-funded food assistance than working full-time in the private sector. The reason that matters is that all government jobs, even the vital ones, are economic loss leaders since the government doesn't produce wealth/resources-it only confiscates the wealth/resources of others.

That's why you want limited government, because anything government does - even the stuff we need it to do - takes wealth/resources away from those of us producing that wealth/resources. Meanwhile, private sector jobs must create and generate wealth/resources in order to sustain their viability. So even though public sector employees pay taxes, too, the bulk of the burden for funding government falls on private sector employees, since public sector employees are already taking wealth/resources from the private sector to make their job possible in the first place.

Meanwhile, while it is true birth-rates in traditionally Islamic countries like Iran are plummeting, Muslim birth rates globally and especially in the West are rising to the point Muslims will be one-fourth of the world population by 2030. For example, Great Britain is on pace to be a majority Muslim country by as early as 2050. The Muslim population in the United States has already doubled.

Analysis from the Heritage Foundation says the current scamnesty program being debated in Congress, which would grant U.S. citizenship to untold millions of illegal aliens, will cost U.S. taxpayers at least $6.3 trillion. That's primarily because once these aliens are normalized they become eligible for all of our welfare state goodies. And since many of them are less educated and only qualify for jobs that provide for less than a middle class standard of living, which is why they came here in the first place, they're going to need them.

So here's what all of this means.

The total world population is expected to reach eight billion by 2030. If one-fourth of the world population in 2030 is Muslim, that means there would be about two billion Muslims in the world at the time our children and grandchildren take our place. If only one percent of those Muslims buy into Jihadist ideology, that's a world-wide army of 20 million Jihadists and the next generation of Americans will face with a substantially smaller number of Westerners standing alongside them.

Historical estimates say Hitler had about 1.5 million military-trained soldiers in 1939 at the start of World War II, and look at how much devastation the Nazis did. Imagine what 20 times the Jihadists, motivated by sincere religious belief and not just loyalty to state, could accomplish.

It doesn't take a math genius to figure out you can't sustain a business model that has more people cashing out of a system than paying into it. So, with fewer people overall, and more people on government assistance than producing wealth in the private sector than the government needs to sustain those programs, who is going to be paying for all this government "compassion?" Especially, since it appears our ruling class' plan to replace the lack of babies born to more educated and wealthy families is to import a whole new class of welfare-dependents from poorer countries to the south of us.

So what's the solution?

Unless we get many more families who think like the Duggars, there isn't one.