The 'You're Not As Smart As You Think You Are' Economy

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | May 15, 2014 | 5:44 PM EDT

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."  -Albert Einstein

Last week, President Obama made reference to our "knowledge economy" while at a fundraiser hosted by Steven Spielberg.

" this notion purported here that that somehow America is on a downward trajectory. By every indicator we are better positioned than any country on earth to succeed in this knowledge economy in the 21st century."

Did you get that, America?  We are better positioned to succeed!

Here is Obama, telling Hollywood that, with their help, he can help America become better positioned in the "knowledge economy" than any country on earth...and they just lap it up.

Part of it, I am sure, is the fact that they are a big help to the progressive ideologue and leader of the free world.  It is, after all, the prerogative of every leftist who slithers in Washington D.C. to push his ideology on each and every one of us.  Movies that churn out of Hollywood these days all have political bends, all push in the direction of the slithering purveyors of the so-called "knowledge" that is all new, and throws away centuries of history.

To get a sense of what "knowledge economy" actually means, I poked around and read some papers on the concept, but basically, in the context of what Obama means, knowledge is the basis of the economy, rather than labor or capital.  Artificial intelligence and technology drive the economy as well as education and information.  Industry is second to knowledge.

If there is an economist out there that can make better sense of it, great, but that's what I gleaned.

But the phrase got me to thinking that within the bubble of DC, or in the halls of academe, an economy based upon the pursuit of knowledge would almost always lead to the entitlement of control over those who do not base their lives upon academic pursuits.

It is in the DC bubble that the knowledge economy thrives.  An article in The Atlantic lays out the entire economy of Washington D.C. and the statistics are quite informative.  Though the author uses all his research as a pitch for raising the minimum wage, the fact is, a magnifying glass set over DC helps understand the tendency for politicians of all stripes to want to belong to a thriving economy where money is no object, and every sector in that tiny area, and its neighboring counties, is booming.

And the entire house of cards is based upon the left's interpretation of knowledge, and its gathering of information of everything you do.  And you are supposed to applaud them for creating that economy and hope that, someday, their vast knowledge will be coming to a town near you.  But, let's understand this: that entire economy is based on what they take from what you make.  They are able to dab at high-minded ideological purity because you are breaking your back every day.

The arrogance of the leftists in DC is that they think they know what is right for you and, in turn, you are to trust in their decisions because they are more knowledgeable than you are.

And, if you don't trust them to take control of your life, there are significant penalties because they make the laws.  It is this control freak notion that should turn Americans against them, and yet, so many seem to acquiesce to their superiority.  But, nobody ever became great by thinking themselves inferior.  Come to think of it, America didn't, either.

America is a triumph of the human spirit over those who wanted control.  The individual, "in the image of God, He created him."  We are not servants to a buzzing bubble of control freaks in Washington D.C. but a powerhouse of thought, feeling, expression, craft, and creativity that surpasses the high-priced concentration of political expedients in DC.  We are not beholden to their version of knowledge, but to our Creator, and the just, righteousness and goodness of mankind.

Our greatness is only limited by our imagination, and the sooner we can get more politicians in DC that understand the national economy and how it thrives by getting DC the heck out of our way, the better.

The knowledge economy that Obama believes he has within his grasp is like a wafting ash of paper, still holding together, but it destroys itself upon the wisp of a breeze.  The waste of hard-earned money taken from the people is ostentatious and immoral.  And, when the party is over, and the collapse inevitably comes, progressivism will stand as a giant pause and backtrack in the betterment of mankind.

The true progress of mankind is found when people are free to pursue their own dreams.  The coercive nature of high-minded academic and ideological progressive purists stands in the way of human progress.