Yes, Patricia Ireland, Women Can Be Corporations, Too

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | July 11, 2014 | 2:48 PM EDT

If you haven't seen the exchange between Megyn Kelly of Fox News and Patricia Ireland of the National Organization of Women (NOW), please check it out. It offers so much in the way of differing thought processes of women and understanding of American religious freedom.

It seems NOW has gone after the Little Sisters of the Poor as one of their "Dirty 100" list of offenders who do not wish to provide birth control to employees.  It really is amazing to watch Ireland defend the idea that Catholic nuns should not be allowed to opt out of endorsing that which they disagree with as taught to them by God.  But, the great part is how Megyn Kelly throws Ireland off her talking points and exposes how this radical group thinks. And, all she did was let Ireland speak.

About five minutes into the interview, Patricia Ireland goes off her talking points and says, "See, I have a problem with corporations, who accept the benefits of being a corporation, but then turn around and say, 'Oh no, really, I'm an individual.' Corporations don't have religious beliefs, individual people do....those individuals have accepted the benefits of the corporate form."

Patricia Ireland is not fighting for the betterment of women with such vapid, uneducated conclusions.

As a young woman grows up, she thinks about what she wants to have for a career, among other dreams.  Perhaps, she has a talent or a gift for doing something better than others.  Some women have talents for singing, athletics, math, communication, and some are good at just about everything they do, and everything they touch turns to "gold."

Some women work very hard to get what they want - a career, a family, a way of creating wealth.  Take a woman who wishes to become a fashion designer, and sews enough fashions that other people want that she needs to hire seamstresses to do the work while she runs the rest of the business.  She is successful, she has created wealth and jobs for others, she is living her dream, except for the fact that the government takes in taxes what she would rather use for expansion, and liability issues come into play.  So, she files articles of incorporation with her State,  becomes the President and lone shareholder of the company she owns, and suddenly, according to Patricia Ireland, she no longer has autonomy, she is not in control of her business, and she is no longer an individual.

She is no longer in control of her body, either, since her thoughts coming from her head and life experience are no longer allowed to guide her decisions.

If it's true that women lose everything that makes them special, why are we hoping women break the glass ceiling?  Are we supposed to give everything up, compromise everything we believe in, just so we can become wards of the State when we finally become successful?

But, that's the kind of backwards thinking you get from the NOW activists.  Everything they are supposed to fight for, they end up working against.

Just like their over-zealous push against the Little Sisters of the Poor, they believe they are right, regardless of the facts, of the outcome, and the logic.  They do not represent the thoughts of most women, for they are a very activist, radical group.

On top of it all, Ireland uses the line, "We have separation of Church and State in this country."

Whenever someone uses that line, you know they are ignorant.  What that stolen phrase from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists meant was that government cannot impose a state religion.

We all understand that, of course, the government cannot force me to follow a certain religion, as that is against the fight for liberty.  But, it also means that the government cannot force me to give up my religion either, it cannot stop me from praising God, and the First Amendment protects me from being forced to deny my religion once I risk all I have to open a business.  Government has become so involved in business matters that it imposes its own set of beliefs on you, and in that way, Patricia Ireland is truly advocating for a state religion of sorts.

Because, when she uses that perverted meaning to bolster her argument, she is actually admitting that she believes there is no higher power than government, and the life in the womb of women, created by God, can and should be ended, and her great government is there to sanction it.

The crazy extremists at NOW demean women, and work against the American way of life.  At every turn, they prove to be as feeble-minded as their iconic fraudulent eugenicists Sanger and Friedan, who began  Planned Parenthood and the National Organization of Women, two organizations that have advocated for abortion as their highest cause.

Luckily, there are intelligent women out there who do not believe their freedom depends on the termination of life, but the grand pursuit of a wonderfully passionate and spiritual connection with God, the One who gave her the gifts that made her an individual and, therefore, special.