Why the Left Doesn't Care UK Hospital Burned Baby Remains for a Heat Source

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | March 27, 2014 | 4:10 PM EDT

A friend of mine asked me how it is possible that people are able to just turn away from an atrocity like the burning of aborted and miscarried remains for heat in this day and age.

The idea itself is fodder for a dystopian book of fiction, when the earth is so very devastated from nuclear war, or a massive diminution of resources, that it is necessary to seek alternate sources to keep what's left of the human race alive.  But then, wouldn't abortion be nearly unheard of?

The left's view of our modern world is an upside-down dystopia; we have an over-abundance of human life that is threatening the planet.

The left fights against humanity in their self-enrichment schemes and feigns concern about plant and animal life, as well as the water, air, rocks, precious metals, soil, and everything else that occurs naturally on the planet, except us, coal, oil, and natural gas.

Lies are circulated that the earth has no sources of energy, or dwindling resources, or space to live, or air to breathe.  Oh, we have a ton of alarmists and reactionaries who prefer to keep everyone on high alert, but it is clear that they are simply agitating in order to reap the taxpayer-fueled government subsidies for their preferred "green" companies.  To do that, they have to kill what works and is in endless supply, by using government to regulate the things that work so that extracting and using natural resources becomes unheard of.  They also have to continually convince the public that the planet is dying, and we have little alternative but to use less energy, make less product, basically, kill industry before it kills the earth.

The left's piousness in communicating their zeal for "saving" the planet has been described as a religion.  With government as one god, and mother earth as another, they berate and punish those who point out that there is enough oil under the nation's surface to power us for hundreds of years.   Or, that one can look out their window and see plenty of trees, fertile soil, breathable air (thanks to the trees) and produce and vegetables in an abundance unimaginable to many parts of the rest of the world.  Or, that despite their dogma of global warming theory that the nation would be burning up by now, we have had a most devastating winter, resulting in the uncommon, but not unheard of, freezing of all of the Great Lakes.  Or, that despite their tortured cries about mercurial poisoning of fish in the lakes, people are still eating them, and the fish are still out there, ironically more in danger of being depleted by the invasive and foreign Asian Carp that some hippy fruitcake introduced near the Mississippi in the 70's to "naturally" clean a toxic pond.

Everything the left tells us we are at fault for; they actually deserve the blame, for interfering with nature - which brings me back to abortion.

Abortion-on-demand is unnatural.  It introduces a foreign object into a child's home and snuff's its life in a very sadistic and torturous way.  It is also unnatural to refer to someone's offspring as a fetus, and since the words are synonymous, it is done so blatantly to disconnect the emotion of the mother with her offspring.  But interfering with nature is okay with the left, as long as it is human nature.

If you use the left's formula for how we are to preserve nature, you begin to see inside their inhumanity.  They say we can't burn oil because we are dangerously near peak oil supply.  They say we can't burn coal because it releases toxic mercury into the air, polluting our waters and depleting our fish, and that we are depleting the supply of coal itself.  They used to say we can't burn wood, and have put a lot of effort into saving the trees, saying again that we should not burn things in short supply.

It is enough to make anyone with a heart and common decency to vomit, but the reason they can look away and be indifferent about the horrific nightmare of burning tiny human babies, is because in their minds, we have such an endless supply.