Who's In Charge? The President or the Bobble Head?

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | July 25, 2014 | 1:45 PM EDT

The ridiculous President and his ridiculous policies manifest themselves in a Presidential selfie.

The other day, Jake Tapper tweeted a photo of the President from the White House Flickr account.  The photo was of the President, this time, in the Outer Oval Office of the White House, holding a bobble head likeness of himself.

Isn't that cute?  I think I'll call bobble head Obama, "Bob."

The photo is a month and one half old, and amidst the crises the nation has been facing since the Preezy took office, speaks volumes about how disconnected and wildly unconcerned this potentate truly is.  The official White House photo was taken by Pete Souza, but I think if he had allowed the entire picture, you'd see that the President was taking a selfie of himself and the doll with his smart phone in his left hand.

But, while the nation questions this president's priorities, a "flicker" of truth lies in the image.

The nationalizing of health care imposed by this president is seen as a debacle by those who truly hoped Obama would finally give his party what they have been seeking for 100 years: the opportunity to put the personal health issues of every American on the political table for every election.  But, not only is the health care law unworkable and onerous, every day Americans are seeing that either the president and/or his policy is deeply flawed, from the website fiasco to the outrage of loss of insurance and doctors he promised to protect. And, if the bobble head version would give answers to the many questions fielded by one administration lackey to the next, at least the bobble head would answer in the affirmative, smiling and hopeful, while the President remains distant and untouchable.

Imagine if we asked Bob some pertinent questions that don't get asked of the president.

Is the health care law flawed?  A little flick on the chin, and Bob answers, "Yes." Do you plan to do anything about the many problems?  Bob answers, "Yes." When?  Bobble head remains smiling and needs another tap on the chin. "Do you like to spend money?"  "Oh, yes," Bob nods.  Is the health care law going to burden every American with rising health care costs, displacement and increased taxation due to the overwhelming of every health care resource in the nation? "Yes," the bobble head answers, while we wonder if it also is saying through that grin, "what're ya gonna do about it?"

Lois Lerner of the IRS worked indirectly for the President's reelection in 2012, as was shown in the testimonies and Congressional findings, by denying access to tax statuses for conservative groups, and doing so during the election year.  Somehow, mysteriously, her computer crashed and her hard drive was shredded and several other computers that had something to do with the ongoing investigation were eaten by Bo the dog or something.  Of course, I'm being sarcastic, because the coincidental nature of what is clearly a cover-up is just too ridiculous to take seriously sometimes.  It is yet another scandal that this president refuses to acknowledge, and prior to the bobble head photo, we found that the Department of Justice was seeking a way to prosecute conservative groups as liars, just days before the news broke of the targeting.

Look, if the president is going to continue to ignore Congressional findings and stand by his Department of Justice head, while simultaneously holding that the IRS be defended by his Democrats in both the Senate and House, which he does simply by saying nothing, what is the difference between him and the bobble head?

Add to that the Benghazi unanswered questions, like where was the president for seven hours before he took that flight to Vegas for another fundraiser, why was there such a lack of security at the makeshift embassy, did those requests for help fall on deaf ears? Was the bobble head in charge then?

Keep in mind that the president knew of the border crisis when that photo was taken.  Any normal, engaged and intelligent human being would show a little respect toward the people of his nation with this many unanswered questions especially since it has now been widely reported that he knew all of this stuff would happen.  But, instead of internalizing and trying to solve problems he claims he doesn't have anything to do with, this president turns away from the negative aspects of his policies, hits the fundraising trail, oblivious to the mounting anger of the adults watching him from every part of the country.

The president takes a photo of himself and his bobble head doll, and fans of the man, or of the doll, delight in the cuteness of the image.  But, to the majority of Americans who are growing more and more disgusted with him, it's just another slap in the face.

Historical scholars and political veterans have said that this president is the worst president this nation has ever had, and the high price that the people of the United States will have to pay for his spending and policies, both foreign and domestic, will be felt for years to come.

The danger of having a deeply flawed community organizer messing around in the halls of our nation's White House is evident, and though the thought of asking Bob the bobble head to answer questions and be responsible for the problems we face is funny, nothing is funny or cute about a president more concerned with photo ops than the security and health of the nation.