Where are the Adherents to the Constitutional Oath?

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | February 12, 2014 | 9:27 AM EST

If the President of the United States can change a law without consulting Congress, what makes him different than a King?

Article I Section 1 of the United States Constitution, of which this President swore to uphold, on a Bible containing the Word of God, grants the powers to Congress, which in Section 2 describes the House and Section 3, the Senate.  Big deal, eh?  Who cares that Sections 4 and 5 have to do with elections and rules, because if we have a King, it doesn't matter.

If that is all true, then why in Article I Section 6 do we bother to pay the House members or the Senate?

And I'm still waiting for an answer on why the law Obama keeps unlawfully changing is still a law, since it did not originate in the House of Representatives, as all revenue raising bills are to do as described in Article I Section 7.

Or are we just skipping the first 7 sections and going right for the meaty, "Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes" and to borrow money and make laws and so on as found in Article I Section 8.

Woe to the current leadership of Congress and present occupant of the White House, for they are certainly not giving the people much confidence in their actions, and are punishing us for their lack of courage and clarity of thought, but especially because they swore on the Bible they would defend that Constitution and protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Not only that, but they work in slow motion when the people who are actually defending the Constitution are targeted by the administration, I mean, where is the leadership, and why do the citizens even have to say something?  They are supposed to uphold the Constitution for us!

President Barack Hussein Obama has refused to enforce laws, and has promised to continue to do so.  He has enacted new law by his own word, he has sued certain States and declared the Congress in session when it was not, and unconstitutionally appointed officials overriding Congress.  To offend so cavalierly the sense of justice to the American people is a direct act of High Crimes and Misdemeanors mentioned in Article II Section 4, and if impeachment will not be pursued by this Congress, perhaps the next will consider it.

But since I, and many have very little faith that Congress will do what is necessary to uphold the Constitution, there is always an Article V Convention of States, for which one State so far duly applied, and many others are considering.

We have to find better Statesman, who don't just put their hands on the Word of God and hold it meaningless.  For that matter, we must get back to the Word of God, for secularism has spread, and we can't possibly expect anything good to come from a culture that rejects Him.

There are plenty of us who look at what is happening and feel helpless and angry.  Every day requires the strength of ten men to simply listen to the news and what is now happening to our once great nation.  Some of us have thrown up our hands, some of us have left it to Providence, and some have given up caring at all.

But we cannot sit by and allow this unjust administration to continue altering our lives, when the will of the people is supposed to be considered.

When Obama said he was going to fundamentally alter our nation, we feared it, but we held the confidence that we and others would resist it, and fight it.  When Obamacare was signed we came out of the woodwork to thwart any future acts, only to be faced with a feckless leadership who holds us in contempt.  What will we do this time?

Regardless of political party, Congress must adhere to the Constitution.

If we have a King, and no one will stop that, then we have no Constitution, and no justice.  If we have a King, we have no personal authority.  If we have a King, we have no freedom of speech, no free press and no freedom to pray.  If we have a King, we have no right to bear arms or rights to private property.  If we have a King, the police can descend upon our homes for no just reason.

If we have a King, we have no rights, period.

This nation is a nation of good people, who work to improve the lives of themselves and their families.  We are not treated as we should be, and those who defy the Constitution they swore to defend, will rue these times of social and political upheaval, because God himself blessed this nation, and He alone is King.