Wake Up And Realize That YOU Are America

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | January 28, 2014 | 3:12 PM EST

The State of the Union address is improperly named.  Perhaps it hadn't been in the past, but now, the State of the Union doesn't actually address the state we're in.

Not that we need a reminder.  $17 trillion in debt, half of America on some sort of welfare, lack of a unified opposing movement, prices going up and no relief in sight, aren't exactly the hallmarks that rally Americans to persist with current policy.

And admittedly, it's easy to get stuck in a negative mindset, we aren't having a bad day or week or month, we are depressing ourselves because those in power are, regardless of past experience, insisting that more government intrusion will fix the state we're in.

Too many of us sit and stew in fear of the future because of current policy in our nation's capital.

Never before have the policies of one administration caused such abject fear. But paralysis and retreat are not the American way.  There is no place to go to if the grand American experiment fails.

We must stand and fight.

You know and I know that the words used by this administration and its allies are deliberately twisted, and their meaning's distorted.  The law isn't lawful, justice isn't blind, even the "pen" and the "phone" mean something far more sinister than simple cajoling and executive memoranda.  It means the very thing revolutions hinge upon.

That this president would so blatantly admit that he intends to destroy the separation of powers and assume all power for himself, lays bare the utter lack of intellectual and patriotic resistance within his own party and in the leadership of the supposed opposition party.

He is not supposed to do it, he is not allowed to do it, he has even taken an oath to protect us from those who would do it.  And yet he persists.

But, he is not America.

To those sitting on the sidelines waiting for impending doom, making predictions on predictable outcomes if nothing is done, and yet doing nothing, the time is now.

An America defeated from within cannot help the world.  We are not what is wrong; we are what is right.  We are good, and we see in the eyes of our children, the goodness and the truth of what we inherently believe; that our nation, crafted from centuries of experience, is a system far superior to any because we demand freedom.

We demand the freedom expressed in our founding documents; that no man nor country will subvert our individual sovereignty.  We are free, yes, still free, regardless of one lawless president.  And we have not relinquished our power over ourselves fully, and in fact will take back our country by ourselves, each to his own.

The attitude of, "What can one man do?" should be quite evident to all given the head of the state of our union.  One can do quite a lot, and each one of us must.

Ignore those who are defeated, and who are willing to prostrate themselves to an all-powerful government, telling us that America must go the direction of all previous republics because her time is up.  Her time isn't up, and the only way it would be is if you keep accepting a vision of a mediocre future.

When each man and woman who know what freedoms are possible in an America limited by its Constitution and held to account by its people, stand up and set the example this administration cannot, we will be back on the road to wider freedom.  Fearing what may happen is just a mental wisp that can't be allowed to paralyze you.

There is no more time for those who think it will fix itself, putting the burden on others since they haven't the stomach.  Sunshine Patriots will be given no quarter.

Americans must no longer fear that we are losing the country, because we ARE the country - the best in the world.