Snub-Schmub, We Ought To Be Outraged If Obama Does Show Up

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | November 19, 2013 | 1:36 PM EST

For weeks, maybe months, newspapers, online magazines, blogs and television news channels ran stories about the outrage that President Obama had absolutely no plans to go to Gettysburg for today's sesquicentennial celebration of Lincoln's Gettysburg address.

I say we should instead be outraged if he shows up.

The idea that, 150 years after a bloody civil war fought to preserve the union, and yes, to end slavery, the president of this nation, a man whose color has been used to deflect any blame or outcome from his policies, should be on that hallowed ground on such a day of reflection is the true outrage.

President Lincoln, the first Republican President, knew that keeping the union intact during the moral conflict of the question of expansion of slavery to additional states, was of extreme importance.  The men whose blood wet the ground at Gettysburg died for it.

Now, a country who elected a president, partly because of his race and the hope that, finally, the country can put to rest the awful scars that slavery left upon this nation, is being informed daily of the deception and outright lies that president used to convince us to give him a second term.  Not only that, but such a President pits the Party of Lincoln against women, the poor, and people of color.

His continuous direct assault upon our founding documents create crisis upon crisis, his spending and monetary policy creating a debt for which repayment is unfathomable, his foreign policy mixed with amelioration of those hell-bent on destroying us, and outright support for Islamic fundamentalism in Egypt, are as dangerous as could be.  His surveillance of commoners, the data mining, the drones, and the ally-snubs pile up, and you see just how much he has deceived us right from the beginning.

This President has compared himself to Lincoln repeatedly, his first inauguration was an attempt to equate him with the Great Emancipator: re-enacting his train-ride in, the use of Lincoln's Bible for the swearing in (both terms), eating a Lincoln lunch off replica Mrs. Lincoln plates, the inaugural theme quoting directly from the Gettysburg address.  But, his first act as President was to sign a proclamation in which he called "upon all of our citizens to serve one another and the common purpose of remaking this Nation for our new century."

Remaking the nation using deception is not Lincolnesque.  The "honest" part of "Honest Abe" is legendary. From his dealings as a store clerk to his law practice, he was trusted because, no matter the consequence, he would find the truth and apply it.  What we get from President Obama is excuses, blame and claims he was not informed.

What the American people deserve is a president whose character would not allow him to disparage the nation - but, a year ago, recent revelations show that his Census Bureau knowingly manipulated the jobs report from August to September of last year, perhaps tipping the election in Obama's favor by making it seem that his hard work was beginning to pay off.  This new revelation, combined with the "if you like your plan, you can keep it" lie, and his campaign's claim Republicans are "against women," just adds fuel to the flame of division.

Think of this.  Had eight percent of the U.S. population known that their individual policies would be canceled because they didn't provide birth control and maternity leave for other people, the basis of the war on women and the promise of Obamacare, and the price for a new policy would increase, would he have won?

If the jobs report had not gotten better through deception, would he still be president?

Though President Obama has used words like "honesty" and "integrity" and "transparency," these are all just words, and the American people, once divided in a bloody civil war for unity without slavery, risks deep division in a rhetorical war.

But, patriots across this great land who know the basic premise that liberals lie, know that the nation is stronger than one man, even if he believes he is what we've been waiting for.  We are better off when he does not pretend to be walking with the likes of Lincoln, and we can reflect on the words said at Gettysburg in peace.