Reject Media Bias and Rebel Against It!

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | September 6, 2013 | 4:11 PM EDT

I don’t know how he does it, but Brent Bozell, through his Media Research Center, has put numbers to the media bias in Virginia against Ken Cuccinelli.

Bozell points to the Virginia influence-punk’s apparent campaign for McAuliffe, by citing the way overblown bias against Cuccinelli such as character assassination to the tune of a ratio of 24-1, calling Cuccinelli a conservative, but not labeling McAuliffe a liberal, and positively smearing Cuccinelli on ethics, when it’s McAuliffe who is the subject of an SEC investigation.

This gubernatorial campaign in Virginia sounds like one where you would not want to ever turn on the TV or read the paper, lest you lose hope for humanity.

Studying the media for bias though, has become an amateur’s pastime as well. You hear it in calls to talk shows. You hear it at tea party meetings. People have an eye and an ear for it. People who care about the outcomes of elections do anyway.

What amounts to free, mostly positive advertising for the liberal, is something the conservative has to spend time and money to correct, often having to pay the media in the form of an advertisement to correct their own bias. It seems to me an exercise that is little less than extortion and racketeering.

Such is the norm for a republic that is being pushed to the mob rule of “democracy.” It seems to me that tea party and conservative or libertarian activists will need to add yet one more duty to his/her lists of “things to do to save the Republic.” That is – deter the people in your community from reading or watching liberal news outlets, and start a campaign to stop the propaganda.

I have a cynical attitude, that the only way liberal newspapers have survived so far is the promise that every two years, they will have all of their bills paid by wannabe politicians, thus keeping them viable. The media is part of the system, propping up liberals and keeping their boots on the neck of conservatives.

But next year, conservatives will have the entire political system against them, with threats from chameleon conservatives who will try to confuse the electorate during primaries, once again feeding the liberal machine with more money from top donors. Conservatives will be fought by all forces, and only effective ground campaigns will be able to thwart them and fend them off.

Believe me, those chameleon conservatives only have number one in mind, and if the liberal is winning in a general election, will have no qualms about turning against the conservative, since his bottom line is wins vs. losses.

What it comes down to is you. You know how to find the truth. Many don’t or won’t. You need to tip the scales in your own community and start a ripple effect across the nation, because as it stands today, liberalism is poisoning Lady Liberty. You are the only cure.