Pro-abortion Advocates are Anti-Human

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | January 22, 2014 | 1:12 PM EST

Today marks the 41st annual March For Life in Washington, D.C..

In 1957, at the age of 10, Norma McCorvey robbed a gas station and started on a path that no one would want for their child.  Norma's mother was an alcoholic, and violent, and Norma would spend a lot of her life abusing drugs, alcohol and wasting her life.

In 1969, Norma became pregnant for the third time.  The first child was taken from her by her mother.  The second child was cared for by the father.  But, while living in Texas, Norma listened to friends who told her to lie about being raped, so she could obtain an abortion.  At the time, Texas' laws did not permit abortion except in cases of rape and incest.  When the authorities could not find legal documentation of the supposed rape, Norma recanted and tried to get an illegal abortion.

Lawyers who were plaintiff-shopping for the purposes of changing abortion law in the State of Texas, used Norma as she had been used and abused her entire life.  She signed an affidavit saying that she had been raped, and the lawyers fought all the way to the Supreme Court, eventually overturning State laws that restricted abortion.  During the legal battles, Norma's baby was born and adopted.

Here we are 41 years later, and the pro-aborts are still using deception to promote more loss of life.

But, being pro-life is on the rise, and having information at your fingertips is on the rise, technology is on the rise, and intelligent, calm reason is winning over the screech, "It's my body!" when the affected is in fact, another's.

People who argue that abortion is a right are anti-human.  They do not have compassion for the innocent, and defy the laws of nature.  They ultimately disregard belief in God, claiming they hold the highest power over the lives of others.  And they have convinced millions to abandon their roles as life-givers, and become life-takers.

They also claim that, in order to be a woman, you must be pro-abortion, and too many weak politicians have allowed their anti-human screech-fest to bully them into positions that continue the practice of ripping the arms, legs, body and then crush the head of an unborn child whose heart is beating.

If you don't like the graphic nature of this article, you must be pro-life.

Because of two, lying, pro-abortion lawyers in Texas, and an unconstitutional decision by the Supreme Court, abortion has been legal for 41 years.  But attitudes across the nation have not ever been in their favor.

Now that individual States are reclaiming their right to address the runaway nature of so-called "abortion-rights," the pro-aborts are gasping for a national referendum once again during an election year.  The anti-human nature of the radicalized feminist movement though, is plain for all to see, in their zeal to end lives that are housed in the quintessential purpose of a woman and a womb.

The ability to produce new life is, to many, a sacred calling.  To some, the inconvenience of nature pushes them to inflict upon everyone their anti-human view.  The true civil and human rights advocates are those who are pro-life.

Last year, the Gosnell trial showed the disgusting underbelly of the pro-abort's progress in women's rights.  The lies he told to rack up more and more abortions, the slaughter of completely formed children, the callous disregard for human life of both the children and mothers sickened the nation.  That these types of abortion clinics existed was a horrific reality of the abuse of women for profit.  And not only do the pro-abortion activists screech to keep them open, but they screech to increase the numbers.

Roe v. Wade was brought on the lie that Norma was raped and that since she could not prove it, then lost access to an abortion.  Norma is, today, a pro-life activist who has turned her life over to God.  Today, those that defend Roe v. Wade defend lies and liars who knowingly distort in order to keep the abortion industry going.  An anti-human industry whose sole purpose is to defy nature and nature's God.

In fact, the basis of Western Civilization was founded upon the goodness of man.  The so-called "progressive" movement was founded upon the opposite.

Norma was used by a lot of people, and she admits her life was troubled - but, while working in the pro-abort movement, who took pity upon Norma?  Not the lawyers or activists around her, but a man of the cloth who eventually baptized her and helped her find God.  The compassion we all seek for our trials is out there, if we would stop rejecting Him.

In today's March For Life, we see the civil libertarians of today, fight for the philosophy of our founding.  They fight for our Declaration of Independence which says that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their Creator, certain unalienable rights, the first of which is Life.

It is good, right and true, to be on the side of life and reject the anti-humanists and all their deceptions.