Parents and Grandparents Have the Right to Question Chamber of Commerce

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | January 10, 2014 | 2:56 PM EST

Tom Donohue, CEO of the United States Chamber of Commerce, has laid out his intentions to work to enact immigration reform, regarded as amnesty by conservatives. But, that is not all he is interested in promoting. As a part of their new push to get business-friendly candidates elected to office, The Chamber's CEO is also pushing for the acceptance in states the voluntary nationalized standards called Common Core.

If you follow that link, it takes you to a pledge that the Chamber wants you to sign, ultimately stating that, "I support the full implementation of Common Core academic standards for the benefit of our children, our workforce, and our economy."

But back in September, a poll put out by PDK/Gallup showed that 62% of Americans did not know what Common Core was.

Those of us who have traded our hobbies for becoming thoroughly informed of what both our State and Federal Governments are doing, are quite informed of Common Core, and like most government centralized programs, we reject it. We are the tea party.

The nation's education system is supposed to be locally controlled. But even the pdf put out by Gallup admitted that federal programs such as, "No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and the Common Core State Standards — face uncertain futures even as the poll lays bare a significant rift between policy makers and ordinary citizens and parents."

Those programs weren't only put in place by Barack Obama, but by George W. Bush, and the opposition to all resides in the conservative view of local control.

After all, we are the conservative parents of our children, and asking questions about a voluntary program being promoted by the US Chamber of Commerce, is our right as American citizens to be informed of our government's actions. We also have the right to question if the Chamber of Commerce is going the right way, spending time and money in support of programs that do not represent the limited government principles that the nation was founded upon.

I completely understand the frustration of all involved. But the fact remains that those issues we hold dear are not being disseminated by the press, but are being fed to us with advertisements and promotion, as if they are a product that we would buy if we just thought it flashy enough, as if a new fad.

And really, Common Core is a new fad. How many times has our Department of Education developed rules and reform, and yet, we still are trailing far behind other countries in education?

Conservatives stand for being a part of your own community, and having a say in how your own children are educated. Top-down authoritarian rule is absolutely not what the people of our nation represent, promote or acquiesce to. But yet, 45 states have implemented the voluntary reforms because of heavy federal incentive.

Opposition to heavy authoritarian government is what made America. It cannot survive being the land of the free and home of the brave, if we do not do our parts as citizens, become informed, and act.