No Peace for the Obstinate Squish

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | October 3, 2013 | 10:24 AM EDT

The typical squishy moderates who claim they are on the right, have positioned themselves as the only reasonable opinion-givers when their position is that of submission.

To be sure, those columnists, bloggers, talking heads, and politicians use the label, "hard-right" as a cuss word, snarling off of their lips, claiming they are the right Righties and the hard-liners are the wrong Righties.  They are the right conservatives, and the tea party are the wrong conservatives.

How can this be?

They claim that if you are a Republican, you are on the Right, and if you are a Democrat, you are on the Left, and so conservatism is on the Right and Liberalism is on the Left, and then there is the hard left and the hard right, but those in the middle, who have no detectable ideology are just perfect.  Therefore, they can claim that they are conservatives because they are Republicans, but they don't get into philosophy so they can be just perfect.

Though the present argument is supposed to be centered on whether or not the American people want an unjust law imposed upon them, these equivocators base their arguments upon whether it is seemly to go against the grain of those in power.  Therefore, if the herd is on the march, they believe it is their job not only to wrangle those who are going wayward in their view, but to cut them out of the discussion altogether by labeling them as hard-liners and right-wingers.

If you are content with marching into a socialist utopia which promises but never fulfills, you have an ideology no matter how hard you try to prove you do not.  Your ideology is one of submission, prostration, and collapse.

As if it is a  moral virtue to submit, these ideologues accept their standing as unprincipled prevaricators, who cannot be held to any standard, having abandoned all self-respect.  They've been conquered easily, therefore, because they had nothing to fight for.

The strong-willed, principled, do-what-is-right type simply needs to be beaten down until they are  soft and submissive and can join the herd in the direction of the cliff.  But if you have no principles and beliefs to fight for, to live and die for, what good can come of you?  You will surely go over the cliff willingly, barking mad at those who told you it was the wrong way to proceed.

Margaret Thatcher pegged these political types as 'Quislings', a reference to the Norwegian politician, Vidkun Quisling, who assisted the Nazis in the invasion of his own nation, and it is a spot-on rebuke.  Quisling had his sights set on ruling the nation once it came under the Third Reich's thumb.  Is that any different from today's "fundamental transformation" of the Obama socialist utopian dream for the nation, and the policies upon which it is hinged, being massaged by today's quislings?  Today's American Quislings have found their spot in the royal court, thinking their efforts to help beat down the Constitutional Conservative will achieve for them a higher place, saved for them as a reward, and accepting the notion that "good government" is one that bows to the consensus of those at court.

To be sure, the direction of the Obama administration is not the direction of the American tradition, hence the words he himself used, "fundamental" and "transformation", and the sheep-like acceptance of this "new-way" is actually that of old.  Top-down authoritarian control is tyrannical and abusive, the lesson well-learned by the American Revolutionaries only 250 years ago, causing a revolt and rebuke of those shackles.

The New-Way is that of American Constitutionalism, picking up the founding documents, holding them close to our breasts, and clearly understanding that the principled stands taken so long ago must be repeated to preserve the freedoms born of patriot's blood. WE THE PEOPLE, are sounding the clarion call for getting back to basics in a political Second American Revolution.

Thatcher remarked that, "Nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus," and that too must be understood.  The obstinate squish who claim they are on the side of right are actually very wrong, and will not ever admit it.  They will not be reasoned with, for they have given up reason for a seat at court, and their thirty pieces of silver.  They must be shown to be exactly what they are.

The shining city on the hill has no ruler, nor dictate that will enslave, and those who ameliorate the will of the authoritarian ruler will have no peace from the American Patriot.