I've Had About Enough of Lunatic Holier-Than-Thous

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | April 22, 2014 | 9:28 AM EDT

During Mass on Easter Sunday, I cringed when the lector asked us to pray, "so that our generation will be the one to protect fragile Earth."  I'm sure most of the faithful didn't even give the comment a moment's thought, but it kind of bothers me that Christians are constantly guilted into giving money or acting upon what amounts to a belief system that does not accept God, but earth instead, as our utmost Savior and Healer.

The fact is, Earth Day is a holy day of the religion of environmentalism, and its key proponents are some of the most rude, holier-than-thou, condescending, religious zealots you will ever meet.

So no, I don't want to pray that we pay money to people who invest in solar and wind power so they can keep their level of comfort without feeling guilt from a non-existent Mother Earth.  Sorry, I wasn't raised that way.  And just who is sneaking in these oblique references to a pseudo-religion that worships a different God than we do at my church?

How about we pray so that people can get jobs that will help with paying their bills and provide for their families?  Or, maybe, so that the old and infirm can find help in paying their electricity bills that have "necessarily skyrocketed" because of the policies of this administration?  Or, take up a collection to help those on fixed incomes pay for massive heating bills from one of the coldest and harshest winters in recent memory?

For those intentions, I could enthusiastically respond, "Lord, hear our prayer."

Nothing we do will ever be good enough for the environmental zealots, because their bible keeps changing.  New science mysteriously pops up to support whatever new money-making scheme the movement can bilk from taxpayers.  They use government to break out their earth-saving fancy, because their ideas don't work.   If you use paper bags to save the environment, you are faulted for contributing to clear-cutting, if you use plastic, you are choking animal life, if you bring your own bio-degradable, ink-and-perfume-free bags, they look at whether you bought organic crap that doesn't last, and what you drove to the store.  They are never happy, and they will always move the goal-post.  Meanwhile the earth and its systems are going to go ahead and do whatever it will do regardless of our activities.

A lot of people have made jokes about Earth Day and the environmentalists, pointing out the hypocrisy of their actions, like Al Gore preaching in a huge arena in Hawaii powered by oil to keep it cool, and EPA administrator Gina McCarthy using jet fuel to raise awareness rather than Skype.  And while these contradictions remain ghastly, the image that the environmentally religious have their high priests who are allowed to sin in order to raise awareness and move the goal post becomes quite clear.

For every Christian preacher who has fallen from grace for sinning against God, there are the environmental religious who sin against the earth, according to the version before last of a reprint of their bible, and they never suffer for it.  They never do penance, they only castigate the rest of us.  When you look at it that way, you begin to realize that lunatics have been very successful since 1970 to use Christian guilt against us to steal our money and waste our time.

While Americans everywhere struggle to work to provide for their families, these lunatics use the force of government to ultimately make our electricity more expensive, our gas less clean, our fields less productive, our cars less safe, our nation less great.  A nation that would be at peace if these crackpots stopped forcing their religion on everyone.

I'm sorry, but I take serious offense when I'm being asked to pray to heal the earth and yet  leave Christianity out of politics, while these lunatic fringe earth-worshippers talk down to me that I'm not doing enough to save an earth that doesn't know me for anything but future compost.  My spirituality goes much deeper than that.