How Do I Get Into Those Shadows?

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | July 18, 2014 | 10:02 AM EDT

President Obama has said that he decided on his executive order to legalize the children of illegal immigrants in 2012, because it was not their fault that they came to this country, and since they're already here and living as our neighbors, there should be no stigma of illegality.  Two years later, we are in the middle of an immigration crisis because that order prompted Central American parents to send their kids to the U.S., knowing they wouldn't be deported because it was not their fault that they came to this country, and since they are already here....

Now we are learning that these tens of thousands of Central American children are being shipped deeper into the United States, where they can supposedly come out of the shadows in an upcoming executive order, except, who wants to come out of the shadows?

It sounds to me like it would be quite advantageous to be "in the shadows."  Taxes wouldn't be a problem, you could work and get paid under the table, you would get free healthcare, you can vote, get a driver's license, get get-out-of-jail-free cards, all of this and more by simply being part of an illegal act upon first setting foot in the great U. S. of A.

It's complete baloney that the Obama regime had any intent to send these children back to their parents after telling them to come here.  So, all the left-wing websites can stop with the sob stories that the children left because they were subjected to violence and hardship and so they are really refugees.

If the administration really looked at them as refugees, they would be shipped to the refugee centers, not homes for wayward boys, as is the case in Vassar, Michigan.   No, these "immigrants" will eventually find their way to a home somewhere where they will comfortably remain in the shadows as well as their children and so on, so that on some future date, we can once again talk about "helping" them come out of the shadows by bringing more in.

So, it turns out that, as an American citizen by birth, and great-granddaughter of legal immigrants, I can't find my way into the shadows.  I've been recorded, fingerprinted, given a number, licenses, own property and must pay taxes.  There is no getting into the shadows once you've done everything the legal way, unfortunately, and so I'm screwed.

Had I known that it would be quite advantageous to avoid that Social Security number...well, what am I saying, my mother got it for me, she had to, because it's required by law.    Mom, you just had to follow the law!  Why can't I have what the illegals have?  Why can't I travel the nation in anonymity, have no paper trail to hold me back, and no reason to need one?

I pay for my own food and housing, just because I'm a responsible citizen, but now I'm made to pay for insurance by a government who controls whether I receive medical treatment.  My medical history will be at the fingertips of political despots.  I can't get free clothing or a border agent to diaper my babies, and when I go to the airport, the government won't send me on my way without a grope.  The government will have access to my bank account and my electricity needs will be managed and rationed.  My life is ruled by rules and laws that non-citizens don't have to follow.  At this point in American history, the fact that you are a citizen is less advantageous than ever before in terms of privacy.

Why would those in the shadows come out, if all they have to look forward to, is being pushed around by the government?  And, for those of us being bullied, how do we get in?