Honor Is Not a Fool's Errand, No Matter What John McCain Says

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | October 17, 2013 | 12:54 PM EDT

John McCain called defunding Obamacare a fool's errand, and in turn, called those willing to fight with honor, fools.

After two huge Presidential losses to the son of Communists, it seems the leadership of the Republican Party in Washington DC wake up each day hoping he'll stop believing what he believes.  Or perhaps they don't even care.

What just happened?

Obama called Republicans all sorts of terrible names, described their tactics as that which you would find in inner-city Chicago, blamed them for something they never did, blamed them for the future he hopes to bring about, and refused to act like a reasoned intellectual.

In response, some Republicans put the truth out on Obama's key legislation, then rallied the American people and made a stand on principle.  The Republican leadership then joined Obama in the hyperbolic rhetoric against their own side, and moved the entire party in the direction of Obama, the son of Communists and student of Alinsky.

As long as there are enough weak politicians who cave to the mere threat of rhetorical torture, you can kiss America goodbye, and all the blessings she brings the world.  If there is no America, the world is a dark, dark place where there is no real liberty, no shining city, just dank swamps and wet chill.

Who among them will be able to say that they fought honorably for liberty?

Throughout the entire process of this latest farce, the Republican establishment said that the defunding war cannot be won, then made it so with the vote on cloture.  They believe they can ride that lie far enough to discredit the conservatives in their ranks.  Honorable men and women don't do that, indeed in DC, the word no longer has meaning.

The Democratic Party is radicalized.  Just because they don't have jack-booted marches in formation in the middle of America's cities as they did in their glory days in Europe, doesn't mean they aren't in formation within government, putting every conceivable policy and law that is good, right and true, completely upside down.

The question for Republicans should be, "What do you plan to do about it?"  But instead perhaps the question is, "Do you even see the problem, and do you care?"

The nation is being taken down with spending, debt, radical environmental policy, collaboration between business and government, weakened terms of engagement in the military, no-borders immigration policy, in fact everything Obama has done in office is to tear down the greatness and confident righteousness upon which America stands.  Who in Congress represents the American Spirit?

I watched our flag wave in the breeze last night, thinking about what it represents.  The white stars represent the 50 States that form the Union.  The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.  It is a representation of America, then and now.  And yet, there is no representation of the federal government on it at all.  It is a representation of the United States of America, not the gluttonous hog that is DC.

Yet our biggest threat as a people comes from the limitless growth of the federal government, formed by the States to be limited in scope and purpose.

Our biggest threat is the lack of uniform opposition to the ends of wicked policies for which there are no honorable means.

Our biggest threat is the all-consuming gluttony of Washington DC.

The problem for the Republican Party is that it is focused on what the Democrats will do, and what the press will say, instead of what is the primary focus of the Tea Party- saving the country from its enemies within.

By attempting to join the Democratic Party in lashing out at the Tea Party Republicans in the Senate and House, Republicans like John McCain and John Boehner foolishly help lose the country.

There is no honor in sabotaging a winnable fight as the 25 Republicans in the Senate did.  Collaborating with the enemy as Quisling did still brought the Third Reich to Norway.

Amongst the rot of DC, we shall hold those who fought against America's nefarious threats, with high honor and respect, for they have the American Spirit for which there is no substitute.