The Great Middle America Squeeze

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | February 7, 2014 | 2:04 PM EST

America, it's time to take back the language.

No, I'm not talking about the Coke ad, but how the left owns certain words and phrases and keeps hammering them when they are, in fact, not only dead wrong, but not even talking like Americans talk.

Take the term, "middle class."  We all say it, and Obama claims he is a "warrior for the middle class."  But using the phrase are the leftist bloggers, the economic twit over at the New York Times, and every Democrat and most Republicans in office.  We the People should not use that term, because it makes us sound like we accept a system that is foreign to our founding and spirit.

We are not born into a class that we are bound to stay until we die.  Your parents might have cleaned toilets at some point, but they somehow made a living enough to support you, and you may have cleaned toilets but are now a skilled tradesman or even a doctor.  The promise of the American system is that you can move out of whatever crappy situation you are in, provided you work hard.

The President likes to use rhetoric not to identify that truth, but to simultaneously blame someone else for your inability to move upward.  We could point out the millions of times he presses the point that it's the rich holding you back, and that government can help you move up, but that would take up precious column space.

We do not believe that the rich are keeping us back, unless you want to identify which rich we are talking about.  The rich entrepreneurs that successfully moved up by working hard and gave me all of the jobs I've ever had - or, do we mean the political elite who protect their right to our money and become what I would call filthy rich, because it is taken from the working man?

So, you have the political elite, who continue to enrich themselves and their lobbyist friends because they know one day they will hit that revolving door and need to keep up appearances, and you have those who are sitting on their hands, not moving up, not moving at all, and not even trying, because their paychecks are made possible by your rich entrepreneur who gave you your job, and you, who are making a living and now eligible to feed the political elite and their sucker fish.

We should not use the term, "middle class."  We should use the term, "middle America."

Middle class makes it sound like you are set in that space, you have no innovative ideas, you have no worth, other than to "get what's coming to you."  It puts you in the same mindset of those who believe they can't move out of welfare because the game is "rigged."  So, you have those not working and receiving a paycheck and those working and moving up crying over something they sound like they lost because of some rich faceless dude that doesn't exist, because some rich dude can't make you do a darn thing.

But the political elite, and their strong arm of the law can, and they have.

Wikipedia defines the "middle class squeeze" as a pitch for higher wages.  If the cost of living goes up, and you can't make ends meet, the thought goes that the businessmen have to stop taking crazy profits and give more to their employees.  That is the left's definition.

But if you are an American, you would point out that the federal government, which was intended to be limited in scope is making your cost of living go up; your gas, your food, your automobiles, in fact, you would be hard pressed to identify something the government hasn't tried to mess with in order to meet criteria some backwards, subsidized study came up with.  At the same time, the federal government is taking on more debt to pay entitlements to people who will not work, and for those who lost their jobs due to the federal government's meddling in the private sector.

So, the fact is that the federal government can't stop controlling your life, and your cost of living is going up.  So, the fact is that the federal government is making your cost of living go up, and you can't make ends meet.  None of it has to do with the businessman's profits or your wage.  If you don't like your wage, do a better job and find a better job.  Of course, the federal government also is enacting laws that make it almost better for you if you didn't have a job, or at least, worked less.

This is what squeezes Middle America.  If you have a household with a Mom and a Dad both working, and they were doing fine but suddenly, they can't make ends meet, it is because the policies of the federal government, more so now than state government, are inhibiting their spending and growth, and thus inhibiting the businessman's ability to make a profit.

The great Middle America squeeze is the direct result of backwards federal policy.  To empower Middle America, take less, do less for them, and free up restrictions on energy.  Stop directing business and go back to general principle, rather than anal-retentive micro-management.  Repeal unjust laws and slash corporate taxes, and watch everyone go to work, and make their own decisions and get a sense of dignity found only by the ability to control your own life.

And, though we aren't set into classes in America, those elites who wish to control a free people are very low-class, indeed.