Geraldo’s Dumpster-Diving Plan

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | August 5, 2014 | 4:59 PM EDT

In his latest attempt to grab the spotlight, Geraldo Rivera penned an article attacking Matt Drudge, and in it, said this:

"I merely make the point that the arrival at our doorstep of 57,500 children from October 2013 through June 2014, while alarming, is not an existential crisis for the United States. We could feed every poor child in Central America with the excess food we toss into our dumpsters. Sponsors are being found to care and supervise youngsters who've recently arrived."

Geraldo's idea of diving in dumpsters to feed the children of Central America is gross and I'm against it.  I don't care how easily he can find lightly browned and bruised organic vegetables and fruit; maggot-infested meats and curdled and moldy dairy is irresponsible to feed to ANYBODY.

Why is it that liberals like Geraldo get away with suggesting that Spanish-speaking soon-to-be illegals should be happy with our throw-aways?  And who is it that throws away the most food? The regular American family can't afford to waste food, as food prices have and will continue to rise to record levels, cutting into their household budgets.  It's the elitists that waste, after all, where would you rather dumpster dive? In a rural township or in Washington DC?

I personally would never dumpster-dive, no matter how many liberals like Geraldo say it's acceptable.  But then, I'm a rational human being who hunts and fishes and grows my own vegetables.  Is there some law down in Central America that is stopping people from doing so down there?  I looked it up, and wouldn't you know it, there are white-tail deer in Central America, as well as bass and turkey, just like here!  Costa Rica has banned hunting, but not, as far as I can tell, Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras.

I'm anxiously awaiting the new Geraldo special on dumpster diving where he dons some kitchen gloves and eye-protection for an afternoon maggot romp.

I think mainly people like Geraldo believe that self-governance is a rich-man's game.  They say things like, "well, that's easy for you to say," when you suggest ideas in which the individual human beings find a way to survive. Never mind that Geraldo is much better off than the people he thinks he is defending. But, survival is not easy, not even here in the United States, when we have an administration who looks at us and says we have it too good, and we have to give away our personal things including property, labor and sweat equity, in order to make things equal with those who do not have what we have.

And it brings to mind what being "rich" means.

I know people who have much more personal monetary wealth than I do, but problems don't leave you just because you have money.  You can't buy good health, you can't buy happiness, and you can't buy respect.  But being wealthy in friendship, love and family usually, when you get right down to it, are the greatest sources of wealth people protect with their lives.

But the main thrust of Geraldo's article is that tens of thousands (which could turn into over one hundred thousand) illegals from Central America will not break us.  Of course, America has been tested by liberal policies for one hundred years, and every time a new progressive/liberal policy is threatened, liberals claim the danger is overblown, only to call the damage in 20/20 hindsight, "unintended consequences."  Meanwhile, conservatives can see the consequences that will arise if we accept the policy, but are shouted down, only to find out in the end, how right they are about just about everything.

The last line in Geraldo's rant against Drudge is, "Whatever happens with the kids, or those thousands who will surely follow, the Republic will survive."

Geraldo Rivera is known for a lot of things, but fighting for the Republic isn't one of them.  Tens of thousands of kids we do not know are ramming the southern border as a result of the President's own words, taking valuable resources that cannot sufficiently then keep up with whoever else is ramming the border, amounting to the classic gypsy tactic of diversion.  Beyond that, these kids won't be assimilated, because current illegals are not required to assimilate. They even may be allowed to vote soon, since liberals also fight voter ID laws.  It is not clear that the Republic, as Geraldo says, will survive with strained resources and an already mind-boggling 18 trillion US debt.

The Republic cannot survive if we have more people on welfare than are working.  With over 49% of Americans on some sort of government assistance, and Obamacare reaching its potential, we are quickly reaching a point of no return.  If Geraldo can find enough food in dumpsters to feed Central America, he should be asking the children to go back, or at least, enlist them to work with him.  Conveniently, he refuses to recognize that our waste-riddled welfare system is what the parents wanted for these children, not work.